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  1. The great "mumbling epidemic" happened in 1989. Don't know why, and it has never been explained, but in November 1989 everyone except me began to mumble. It's a government conspiracy I tell you.
  2. Hi Kim We have never had a platform lift, preferring to use ramps, but I can point you in the direction of a company that fit them or can help. CoachbuiltGB.
  3. Can't understand that Iain, we've never had any trouble with our trike and regularly see motorbikes on site. Went to Leek C&CC site last month with the caravan. I was given the choice of 4 pitches from the site office. As it was raining persistently I told the folks to stay in the dry and I would let them know which pitch we were using. They couldn't do enough for us for the rest of the weekend. Only had a problem on one C&CC site when an Assistant Warden wanted us to move from the pitch we were given 2 days earlier. His brother wanted it. Reported the guy and he was on his way very soon after.
  4. Been there, done that. Only I didn't have the correct plate underneath. Only noticed when we got home. Good job there's non of those traffic police chappies about these days.
  5. There is already a longer option on the Basecamp, you buy the awning made for the caravan and double the length and space. Ok, one of you would be under canvas so to speak. We have a 200 air awning on the back of ours which is lighter, cheaper but smaller than the Basecamp awning . We chose the van because it is ideal for using her wheelchair, the door is wide enough to allow access via a ramp and the beds can be folded back to give space when needed. We have recently returned from a 15 night trip which we managed quite easily.
  6. Reading the manual from Dee Tee's link, do you have the Isolation Switch turned on ? If I have read that correctly it should automatically pair the control and the mover.
  7. Given that the likelihood of of an accident is low (only the one reported incident above) and the severity of injury would also be low, what would you score on your risk assessment for this particular component ?
  8. As others have brought "over there" into the thread we might as well have "the other club" Wasn't across from the Square and Compass yesterday by any chance Colonel ?
  9. Wondered how long it would be before someone blamed the "B" word. As the issue, it would appear, was first raised in 2015 the Calor dealer would be talking an altogether different "B" word.
  10. And a leg. Woo ! That's handy. That's exactly what the new caravan cost.
  11. Only just found this thread. As GaryB1969 says it is a known problem. We had the same happen on our Basecamp door barrel when locking up on the storage site. Went to the dealer with the broken barrel and they immediately produced a replacement that I fitted myself (had a different key to the rest of the locks though.) Next it was the door handle that broke when we arrived at a site, had to break in then bodge a repair until we could book into the dealers for a proper repair. The whole door lock was replaced and once again all our locks use the same key.
  12. Food for the Bogeyman.....
  13. I noticed it was an old thread but it is still Grim................... ...north of Derbyshire that is.
  14. Banned from the campsite and pub many moons ago when with the Boy's Brigade. Anyway, the Pennine Way starts at Edale and ends just the other side of the moors. Why would you want to go into those God Forsaken Northern parts. You can also get onto the Trans Pennine Trail outside the entrance at Poolsbrook Caravan Club site.
  15. Swift Basecamp. We use a Kampa 200 awning though not the made for one which is reported to be a bit heavy.
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