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  1. Thanks Guys, yes that's the one Ianv8. My guy will be their in 3 hours, anything else we should be aware of apart from the usual.
  2. Thanks CommanderDave and Ian v8. The one we are inspecting today (12:30) is Build 91, Purchased 30 Aug 2013, first redg Dec 2013. I got all the info i could on BPW chassis, axles. Far as I can tell they only made a 2000kg chassis with 1000 kg axles and also a 2700kg with 1350 axles. Nothing in between so cant see how they ever got to 2200 or 2400 unless using 2700 chassis (1350 axles) and de rating them. I have directed my buyer to inspect axle and chassis plates. Any idea of date 2700 chassis got into the production line. Also this one has bad de lamination so i am presuming no ply backing. Any help today would be brilliant. I am prepared to fix de lamination if feasible. Many thanks.
  3. Does anyone know from what build number Eterniti started putting the ply under the fiberglass and was their still any delamination problems after that was done.
  4. Thanks Durbanite, yes I know the Eterniti history, still keen though. Phil, yes i have been in contact with that one and am getting a dealer/inspector to check it out. The owner is very vague though so not sure as yet. Does anyone recognise it
  5. Hi I just joined ct as I am wanting to buy ib4. I just posted an introduction. There is a ib4 on eBay now which I have contacted and it seems a bit suspicious. I am in nz so a bit difficult but I have an inspector in uk that can buy 4 me. Any advice appreciated. Cheers Mark
  6. Hi all new member from nz. Keen to get my hands on a late eterniti ib4. I import uk vans as a retirement income and love the ib4. Have read all the posts and would genuinely like to join the fb page. Not sure how to do it. Have a compass 650 now. Also really like info on the later chassis. Is it really 2700kg. Thats what we need. Anyone that can assist appreciated.
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