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  1. You really need something underneath it to protect it. I use a solid PVC groundsheet - which I know is really defeating the object of a breathable awning carpet, but a breathable underlay can still let water up through it if there is very heavy rain and water runs underneath your awning. I like the appearance and feel of the awning 'carpet', and as I'm frequently pitched with the awning on hardstanding, there isn't the problem of damaging the grass.
  2. Thanks, everyone, for your comments. We may in future think about taking a longer overnight stop at a club site or CL, but tomorrow night, I think it will be a quick stopover at Taunton Deane.
  3. We have a Kampa Ace Air 400, which we use as something in between a full awning and a porch. However, I'd really like a small porch awning (preferably air) which would be really quick to put up, for use on weekends and at extremes of season, when you wouldn't want to be living in the awning - just somewhere for coats and shoes, and to act as a buffer against the weather. The smallest I can find looks like being the Kampa Rally 200. The width is fine, but it still comes out the 2.5 metres depth. Does anyone know of any small porch awnings with a depth of, say, 1.5 or 2 metres?
  4. When I was away on a small site (six units) a couple of weeks ago, I saw two units with a Jormax windbreak - which I had never seen before! They do not have guy lines to get in the way! I spoke to one of the owners, who I have got to know over the last few years, and he told me how good it is. I've had a look at their website (jormaxwindbreaks.co.uk), and it's now on the list to treat ourselves to next year!
  5. We have a 2019 Solitaire 580 (based on the Eccles), and a Kampa Ace Air 400. It's a lovely awning, and fits between the side lounge window and door, running almost to the back of the caravan. Because of the layout (transverse island bed and rear washroom), there are no other windows within the awning. We went for the Ace 400 because we wanted it instead of a full awning, and the part of the awning which is shaped outwards makes quite a difference to the space.
  6. Jonny H


    We are now on our 4th caravan - all Swifts, and we have always liked them. We now have a Solitaire 580 - a dealer special, based on the Eccles, which we love.
  7. Earlier this year, I bought a mountain bike with the intention of taking it away with us to use when caravanning. Our Swift Solitaire 580 (based on the Eccles) has factory-fitted mounts on the back for a Thule cycle carrier, but I'm wary about extra weight on the back of the caravan. On the other hand, as I tow with a Ford Kuga, a roof-mounted cycle carrier on the car would be quite high, so possibly difficult getting the bike up onto it. Any thoughts or experiences?
  8. We've previously had Kampa 260 and 390 Rally Pro (poled) but now have the Air Ace 400. We've always been happy with Kampa - sometimes had problems with condensation, but keeping the awning well ventilated solves the issue.
  9. Just been to a privately-owned site in North Norfolk. Mainly statics, just six touring pitches. Toilets and showers open, but restricted numbers using at any time, with two deep cleans daily and additional touch-point cleaning throughout the day. Off again later this week to Cornwall - a C&CC site where facilities are open. As sites will have to be following government guidelines, there could be differences between England/Scotland/Wales.
  10. For the first time ever, I have a solar panel. Does anyone have any tips for cleaning under it? I'm just aware that any dirt left underneath it will eventually run down and cause black streaks.
  11. We've been there a couple of times (the last time being about 4 years ago). We were at the end near the entrance, one side or other of the toilet block (one of the two platforms - it's on the site of the old railway station, as you can imagine from the photo posted above). No problems there. We had a walk around the site (for our usual 'nosey' at other units!) and remember thinking that we wouldn't want to be at the far end near the sewage plant (where the line came in to the station), as it was just a bit smelly.
  12. Sorry if this has been covered before, but I can't see anything recently. We're travelling to Cornwall later this week and want to make an overnight stop on the M5. Can anyone recommend a service area on the M5 that has caravan parking separate from the HGV parking? Gloucester is superb and would be perfect, but we really want to get more miles covered before stopping.
  13. Hi, I think I may have belonged to this group a few years back! I've been caravanning since 2004, having had three 2nd-hand vans. We've just realised our dream by buying a brand new caravan - a Swift Solitaire 580. It's a special edition from our local dealer (Lowe and Rhodes) in Stoke-on-Trent, based on the Eccles. It's nice to know that, in 2019, we've got a descendent of the 1919 Eccles! We've had a test weekend away at Ashbourne, and are now looking forward to our main summer trips to Norfolk (a week today) and Cornwall.
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