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  1. I haven't yet, no. I was thinking it would be an obvious thing to someone with a similar panel, but perhaps not. Will give them a try thanks. Hi thanks. Yes that is what I was expecting, except 'middle for off' still has everything working when the power is connected to the mains. And the lights have to be on for anything to work.. my guess is that someone has modified it at some point when they added other electrics. The caravan is a Bailey Ranger 2006.
  2. Hi, We have the shown panel in our Bailey Ranger, but it doesn't match the manual that came with the van, which I think is actually for a different model built on the same road base as the Ranger. I had a couple of questions if anyone has a similar panel. 1. The top left switch has Car/0/Van as options. Am I correct in thinking that centred on 0 means it is on 'shore power' (or off if no shore power) up to car means it is drawing from the 7 pin car connection and down to van means it is drawing from the leisure battery? 2. In order to get anything (other than the always on fridge) working I need to have the Lights switch on, I then need to turn on Aux for some other thins (as well as Lights) and then Pump for the pump. Is this normal or should they all work independently? Essentially the 'lights' switch seems to be working as a master and if that is off the volt meter reads zero irrespective of the other two switches position. Interested in thoughts of anyone with a similar panel. Thanks.
  3. Thanks - it wasn't too bad once back in the housing which is what I was hoping, so all good!
  4. Thanks, went and got an LR1 at lunch and put it in the clock. Appears to be working, however... I now suspect there was a reason there was no battery in the clock. LOUD!!! I can foresee this weekend, the wife asking for the battery to be taken out. Might not be so loud once it is back in the wall recess though - fingers crossed.
  5. Fantastic thanks, I am sure I can source one from somewhere now I know that is what it is. Much obliged.
  6. Hi, new to the forum (first post) but I did try to search for previous topics first. Just bought a 2006 model Bailey Ranger 550/6 at the weekend and will no doubt have a few posts in the coming weeks. But for starters, the clock above the seats in the front saloon has no battery and I can't see what it takes, I think it is an L1 and there is a post on here about that being correct for a Champagne... anyone know if it is an L1 in the Ranger as well (before I burn out the clock)? Many thanks in anticipation.
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