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  1. Thank you for taking the time to compose such a useful post! We had started to consider the best layouts so your points are well noted! Tents are not know for their privacy! 😀 Yes, ain't that always the way! Budget adjustment under review! The sleeping arrangements are a good point. There are two adults, one teenager who is taller than her Dad! Plus the youngest who is rapidly catching up too! Would anyone have thoughts on practicalities of the dinenette style bunks and how long they are? Or would we be better looking for a fixed bed and dining area singles? sorry if I have not thanked/quoted people! All advice is very gratefully received.
  2. Thanks all! Check for damp, read the manual and don't squash the toad!
  3. Hi all! First time post and having read through the posts with interest I thought i would pose my question in the hopes that the combined experiences here would help us get the best start to our caravaning... And it all started with a Toad! Last year we were packing up our tent at the end of a beautiful week of weather in the rain after a horrid night! We woke up to a pond in the tent, we kept our sense of humour until I fished the toad out and at which point project caravan was born! In terms of van we are looking for something 4 Berth at less than £4K as this is our first entry in to this and there is not a lot of spare cash around at the moment. My question to the collective is quite simple. What piece of advise would you offer a caravan newbie that might help us avoid the newbie errors? Any advice greatfully recevied and looking forward to making lots more memories with the family! Thanks all!
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