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  1. Hounslow


    Rear panel Lee ?
  2. Hounslow


    Thinking must be damp because the cupboards were left open but fronts were black not wet cleaned it all but inside cupboards were ok.Put some bowls of salt around on Friday and will check in a few days. Thank you for your all for your feedback it’s our first year in the van so new-to all this.
  3. Hounslow


    David Thanks for your feedback .
  4. Hounslow


    Hi shut van down for winter break went to check on it only to find damp on cupboard doors and work tops it’s stored on grass could this be the problem.had a damp test done end of summer found about 20%damp at rear. but with wet weather haven’t been able to sort it any ideas would be great .
  5. Hounslow


    The Sonoma has storm straps on the porch area so pegged down properly would have thought be ok Thank you all for your in put
  6. Hounslow


    just bought Vango Sonoma awning new haven't used it yet have heard bad reports about Vango bit concerned
  7. Hounslow


    Thanks Jim will try in better weather. Cheers for advice Dave Yes in between panes cheers. H.
  8. Thanks for replying had it on trickle charge for couple of days checked voltage was 12.99 left off charge for about a week reading 12.86 would this mean battery is ok .
  9. Hi first year caravan let my leisure battery go down to about 8v have trickle charged it know reading 12.86 voltage but the trickle charger doesn’t show charged just red light to show it’s on is this normal or should I take it off charge or wait till charged lights up it’s ment to turn on and off when charged or needs charging Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks Kevin.
  10. Hounslow


    After front and nearside windows for Abbey vogue misting up or is there a way off clearing it.
  11. Cheers DACS was flue cover outside cheers
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