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  1. That is correct AJ. Tested thermo2, got a voltage. And yes flame does stay lit.
  2. Yep, level as can be.
  3. Thermocouple are 40 of our great British pounds. Although you can buy a universal one for little more than a fiver. Dometic, robbing b'stards! Will take valve out and look at that this weekend.
  4. Yeah that's another possibility. I wonder if the valve will come off and be easily serviceable. At £210 I'm certainly not gonna just replace it. Dometic are absolutely disgusting on spare part prices.
  5. Pete No nothing whatsoever. The burner pipe above the lagging only gets slightly warm on gas, whereas on 240 its very hot and only a few seconds before you got to take my hand off Andy
  6. BOAC, Yes everything else works, oven, hob, Water heater, room heater. No there's no light but I'm guessing it's a reed switch that's in there as standard for other models with a light? Tried another caravan service for advice today, they've never come across the symptoms my fridge has. Im going to have one more go at cleaning all around the burner area, then give up 😂 and buy a portable 3 way fridge.
  7. BOAC, Will have a clean at that when iget home. I'm at a loss now what it could be other than low, supply. I'll stick my 12v compressor down gas pipes. Any ideas what this is inside the control panel plastic moulding. It's in between the piezo ignitor and the fridge thermostat control knob, has 2wires into it and back to a connector block on top of the fridge.
  8. BOAC mmm, if only I could find a fridge engineer. I've had one say the coolant gasses are gone. And we'll fit a new one for £1000 😂 But it works on 240 and 12. So the gasses are being produced, just not with lpg. "Unless I'm missing somat there's 1 cooling unit with 3 methods of suppling a cold fridge" "Yeah well that's cos your lpg isn't producing the gasses" "oh so the gasses aren't gone then" "you still need a new fridge" "erm tell ya what I'll leave it for now, bye"
  9. Peteus, Sounds like we have a common fault. I have my fridge out of the carcass for now. On 240 the top of the boiler pipe is really hot, but on gas is barely warm. Also when I fire it up on gas, the the needle only just creeps into the green section of the front panel. Have you found a solution yet?
  10. BOAC I've followed all those steps apart from 3 and 12 😂 I've also pulled the fridge out to check pipe blockages, still nothing on gas. I assume I can use butane or propane. I have noticed whilst it's out of the carcass, the boiler pipe at the top is too hot to handle when running on 240, but way way cooler on gas.
  11. Hi all, Anyone had the following problem. Fridge is great travelling on 12v and also 240v. But on gas I have a flame, the flue is hot but fridge doesn't go cold at all. Who likes warm beer. NOT ME. Any advice.
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