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  1. I did this earlier this year, easy to do and makes a big difference.
  2. You are not alone with this problem. I cannot get my iPhone to play through the Pioneer radio, but that said, it does have an 'Android' sticker on it, so maybe there is compatibility problem. I have bought a DAB radio and plugged it into the accessory socket and that works when I cant get a good signal. It also means I have access to a lot more stations that the Pioneer receives being FM.
  3. +1 for excellent service from Knottingley. Our new VIP had electrical gremlins. We phoned them up, booked it in and when we arrived, an engineer looked at the problem while we were still there, then swapped out a faulty control panel there and then. We were in, repaired and away in 15mins. We have couple of vans (all Coachman) from them and nothing but first class service.
  4. Thanks Silversurf. I'll build up some courage to 'tease' the fitting off.
  5. Hi Lockin. Thanks for the link, but sadly the information on the instructions doesn't answer my question. I am hoping that the removal of the lower part of the Heki is a straight reversal of the fitting which would give me access to clean out the rubbish, but I dont want to force it in case I break it. McS
  6. Hi, the whole kit, (top, hinges and grommets) came in at just under £130.00. I dont have a pic of my extension fitted, but you can see it in this pic I snaffled from the Coachman website.
  7. The lack of worktop space next to the sink in our VIP was a pain, then we noticed that the 2020 model has added a fold away extension to the spec. Coachman confirmed that it was a simple addition that anyone could add with a few basic DIY skills. The finish and colour was the same as our model. We had to order from our dealership, which was no problem. We got the all the parts as one package, (hinges, etc) and 30 mins later, installed. Worth thinking about of you want more worktop space.
  8. The skylight in my bathroom roof is a Heki Micro S, and the folds of the screens have been filled with bits of leaves, seeds etc that have blown in. I cant get them out of the folds, and was wondering if its an easy job to 'prise' off the lower part of the housing which holds the screens in place. The Dometic installation and maintenance instructions are no help at all. Thanks
  9. I currently run a Freelander 2, SD4, and I'm looking to change, so tried an Ewok, sorry Evoque. The SD4 engine is pretty bomb proof, and was carried over from the F2. It has plenty of grunt for towing, and is a joy to drive as they are all mated to an auto box. What lets the Ewok down is the terrible boot space, its only good for your weekly shop. It has a lower roof than you would think, and if you are over 5'10'' as I am, its a pain to get in and out of. The legroom in the rear is also poor. I wont be buying one. I think JLR designed them as fashion acce
  10. Turns out it was a faulty control panel. Dealer swapped it with a panel from a model in the showroom there and then. Phew.
  11. An update. Van is booked in with the dealers for the electrics to be looked at. I’ve Googled and regoogled the fault but nothing comes up. The problem is really weird. As in my original post, the control panel won’t switch off. What is also is happening is: awning light comes on for no reason display light stays on Alde system shuts down all interior lights won’t work toilet flush won’t work basically anything electric doesn’t work. (Except the fridge) The only way I can get the vans electric back up and running is to disconne
  12. As in the header. The electric control panel will not switch off anymore. (The Alde panel seems to be fine). It worked fine until a few weeks ago, and now its playing up. The panel also stays lit for hours if I alter any of the settings. This all started after staying on a CL which had major electrical problems (tripping out, voltage drop etc). Anyone else had this problem, or know if there is a way of maybe resetting the panel back to factory default (in case that helps). Thanks
  13. I will have to watch how I answer this question as I'm married to a Yorkshire lass....
  14. Not a new caravaner, I've been caravanning for more years that I care to mention, but have only just found this forum. Ex Pat Scotsman living in Yorkshire. Current set up is a 2013 Freelander 2 SD4 and a 2018 Coachman VIP 575. Looking forward to the banter and advice.
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