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  1. I have always insured my vans. I now pay more per year for my van insurance than my own car and my wife's car added together, but will never leave my van uninsured.
  2. I've got around the problem by putting my toast in half an hour before I want to eat it. Its a shocking grill as the heat doesn't spread across the grill area in any way that's useful.
  3. The van has now had an inspection by the dealership where I bought it from. The water is coming in through a tiny sealant gap at the rear of the awning rail. They have made a temp repair with sealant and submitted a warranty claim. The van can be used until it goes into the dealership for the repair. Phew. Its a good way of reminding caravaners the importance of getting your van properly serviced. 1. A fault has been quickly spotted. 2. Remedial action has started. 3. By having the van serviced in accordance with the manufactures instructions, the repairs are at no cost to me.
  4. Hi, I nearly always use CL’s. However, we stayed at a well known Caravan and Motorhome Club site recently as we had been trying to stay there for years. We were surrounded by a family who had arrived in 3 vans. Their kids were running around all the surrounding vans with their mothers following them screaming their names for all to hear while carrying bottles of beer or wine glasses all before lunchtime. One family had a ‘beefed up’ pick up that could only be driven with the windows wide open and the extra bass box kicking out the guys choice of music. The wardens had to step in at night when they decided to have an outdoor disco with huge speakers. Rant over, back to CL’s again.
  5. That’s sad news. Your van must have built around the same time as mine.
  6. In 2020 the reading in the back, top corner was 9, this year its 50. Lets see how the warranty claim proceeds.
  7. Just had my annual service for the van, and was shocked that it has suffered serious water ingress in the rear offside corner affecting the bathroom and rear part of the bedroom wall. The van was fine on its previous 2 services. The engineer told me that he had come across and heard of a few Coachman (various models) made that year with a similar problem. Has this affected anyone else with a van made by Coachman in that year? BTW, there is no obvious signs of where the water has got it. Its going through the warranty process.
  8. Sadly the sudden boom in staycations has seen a lot of people buying caravans with no idea how to be a caravanner. This year I've seen caravanners using the outside lane of motorways, also many with no extra mirrors and causing havoc as they cant see behind them. And... don't get me started on some of the behaviour I've seen on sites this year.....
  9. Griffy, you are a star. I have spent hours on ebay and Amazon looking for this. Thank you so much.
  10. ^^^^ tried that one. Details taken and no response.
  11. Agreed, but the bubble must surely burst at some point when people return to foreign travel. That's when long time caravaners like myself, and many others, will be who they rely on to continue supporting them. I have a long memory and certain dealerships will not be getting my custom in future.
  12. I have small part broken on my 3 year old Coachman, (part of the shower). I've superglued it back together as a temp solution. Next step, order a replacement. Seems simple doesn't it? Nope. 3 Coachman dealerships contacted, no response to online enquiry submissions. 2nd requests made, no response. 1 visited who took details then never got back to me. Coachman emailed as a last resort, who tell me to go through their dealerships. I tell them their dealerships wont help, and I got a tersely worded response telling me that they are busy as they have been shut. If anyone can help, here is pic of the part. What has happened to the Caravan trade? Has the sudden surge in sales seen them abandon their basics? Rant over....
  13. I have the same problem. The Dometic toilet is, to put it bluntly, the worst part of my Coachman, why they changed from Thetfords I don't know. (they soon changed back). I have a feeling that the pump is failing, but cannot find any information on how to access it or change it.
  14. I did this earlier this year, easy to do and makes a big difference.
  15. You are not alone with this problem. I cannot get my iPhone to play through the Pioneer radio, but that said, it does have an 'Android' sticker on it, so maybe there is compatibility problem. I have bought a DAB radio and plugged it into the accessory socket and that works when I cant get a good signal. It also means I have access to a lot more stations that the Pioneer receives being FM.
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