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  1. Yes, the solar panel was replaced FOC under the warranty - so that was nice! God knows what would have happened had the panel gone through the vans windscreen. Maybe it needs that level of gravity to get a proper reaction from Swift. I'm not sure if they've reached out to other Basecamp owners to check if the windshield's been fitted to all other Basecamps (took one of their techies and a photo of our Basecamp roof for them to notice ours was missing and may be the reason for the panel flying off). First caravan - general build quality is really poor but it's been sug
  2. Bought a Basecamp Plus new last July. Lost count how many issues we've had since but culminated in the solar panel flying off the roof on a busy motorway and just missing the windscreen of a following van - could have been horrific. The driver and passenger of the van were shaken and the police had to arrange for the panel to be cleared from the busy M65. Swifts response to this and the numerous other issues has been polite but completely underwhelming, considering the seriousness of the latest incident. I was without the van for nearly 2 months whilst Glossop Caravan worked with Sw
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