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  1. Hi, yes there is a similar switch on the sportage. Only had the car for short while so still plodding through the 700 page owners manual. Thanks for your help
  2. Hi Thanks for your very helpful reply. Very much appreciated. Thanks, I will try the rubber pad idea. Perfect reply thanks. Thanks for your help.
  3. I emailed Milenco. I think they totally missed the point of my question and pointed me to a YouTube video that did not even mention their mirrors. I will try the again, hopefully I will get a more technically knowledgeable person to respond. Also this particular Kia model has automatically folding mirrors (I do not know how to turn this feature off) so the Milencos need to be top mounted to avoid damaging the glass or the mirrors. Thanks for your reply
  4. Hi All Just bought a 2016 Kia Sportage KX4. I have been using Milenco Grand Aero 3 mirrors with our previous tow car with no issues. I am having trouble getting a secure fit on the Sportage, there is very little gap between the mirror glass and the bezel/frame of the car mirrors, meaning that I cannot push the wedge shaped clamp in far enough, also the car mirror bezel/frame is at an angle to the body of the car mirror. Does anybody use the Milencos on a 2016 Sportage? Do I need to use the v pads as the Sorento uses? Can I shorten the wedge on the clamp in order to push the clamp in further? I hope this is clear enough. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  5. I assume you meant Towsure. Don't worry I have trouble with auto-incorrect as well. I have been on their website and found the removable swan neck tow bar. If you don't mind me asking. Did Towsure fit it for you? What do they charge for fitting including 13 pin socket (Volvo wiring kit)?
  6. Hi All I am toying with the idea of a 2016 Volvo XC60 R Design for towing a 1450kg Bailey. I have seen a few negative comments about the RD, mainly regarding the stiffer suspension and also problems of fitting a tow bar. Would I be better off with a standard 2.4 D4 or D5? Does anybody tow with a R Design and is the firm suspension a problem? Any advice greatly appreciated
  7. Hi If I was starting again I would be looking for a lightweight porch awning that pegs from the outside and has a roof liner to cut down on condensation drips. By the way, they don't call awnings "Divorce in a bag" for nothing.
  8. Hi All I am on the hunt for a used petrol tow car to pull a 1500kg caravan. Does anybody tow with a petrol engined Volvo XC60 automatic? Just want to get some thoughts on that car or something similar. How does it cope with hills? Does it have decent acceleration to join the motorway? Slow speed manoeuvring? etc Please nobody suggest a Subaru! Once bitten etc Any advice greatly appreciated
  9. Thank you all for your replies. You have given me some good ideas. The search for the perfect car goes on. Can't wait to get shut of the Subaru, I will never go near a Subaru dealer ever again. Just one example of their incompetent was this, when the car was jerking in 2nd gear at about 2,000 rpm their advice was "When it jerks change down a gear." They could not see anything wrong with that statement , not the Service manager, the General Manager or Subaru UK. Pathetic! Rant over. Thanks again.
  10. I must admit in my ignorance that I had never heard of the ZF8HP auto gearbox. I have googled it and it does look phenomenal. Also now looking at the Skoda Superb. I had a Skoda Octavia 1.9 diesel manual back in the days before the engineering disaster that is the dpf. Had it for 7 faultless years. Thanks for your advice
  11. Hi All Thank you all very much. I have been to the caravan.with a multimeter, the battery is fully charged. There is no sign of any fuses from the sp or near the battery. I will follow the advice given in the posts. It would have made a lot more sense for an on/off switch to be built into the controller. Thanks again RobD42
  12. Sorry very new to this, so haven't worked everything out yet.
  13. Can anybody recommend a reliable petrol engined tow car to pull a 1,500kg caravan? Prefer automatic, 2 to 4 years old for less than £20,000. Must be able to tow up some quite steep hills e.g. The cat and fiddle. Fuel consumption is not that much of an issue as I do less than 4,000 miles pa and most of my none towing is short journeys. Fed up of diesels with dpf and egr problems etc. Please nobody suggest a Subaru! I have had my fill of a dishonest and incompetent dealer. My last diesel car had dpf, egr, dmf, problems and a sump full of diesel. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  14. Thank you all very much for taking the time and trouble to answer my question. I am going down to the storage yard later with a multimeter and to have a good look at the system. Several of you wondered why I would need to charge the battery at home at this time of year, I am just thinking ahead for the winter just in case the solar panel can't keep the battery fully charged. Sorry very new to this, so haven't worked everything out yet.
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