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  1. Ah this explains a lot. I hooked up the water for the first time last night, turned on the taps and gave it a few mins and nothing. I assumed it didnt work. Then all of a sudden after a few more mins there was a whirring noise and hey presto, water! So I'm guessing it took that long for the boiler or pump or whatever to do its stuff?
  2. Dont quite get why its important to have the water system full (do you mean switch the pump off?). What would happen otherwise, when you connect to mains?
  3. Great thanks, yes the chap did mention that to me - so in theory if everything is switched on i can charge the fridge during my journey so its sort of up (or down) to temperature when I arrive? Great thanks yes this makes sense, I think I've found this as I have removed all the seats to give it a bit of a spruce up Ah, so that external adaptor that was posted earlier will in fact charge the battery? Thats great if its the case, as I thought I would need to get a trickle charger and bring the battery home to charge (the caravan ultimately will be stored away from where I live)
  4. Thanks so much for this, this is really gold dust info I will check out the make etc and post again on here, that would be extremely useful. Yes all makes sense now, there is indeed a lighter button on the fridge, dont ask me why but I assumed it was for lighting the cooker as just thought it looked like a gas lighting button and didnt once think it could be for the fridge. Looking forward to getting back and trying it out. I might just camp out there myself tonight now I know all this info and get a peaceful nights sleep Hot water also makes sense, so need to wait to try this until I am connected to the mains at a sight basically. One question - you say it takes half an hour approx to heat the water, but heat the water from where exactly? Currently Im using my own water supply, and even if i am using water from a campsite, where exactly would the heating of the water take place? Thanks again! Jim
  5. Thanks again. Yes I have 2 gas bottles, one is relatively full (I think, need to check). Didnt realise at all the fridge could be run on gas, I will try that this evening. I guess just turn the gas on, and then turn the fridge on ( I think there is a switch to toggle between power sources) - is there anything else i need to do? Im clearly more of a novice than initially thought Have tried the water, but only seems to come out cold, have run it for a few mins and was still cold. Is there something else I need to do to enable hot water? Thanks again, and again apologies for the really simple questions. You've helped more in 5 mins than the progress ive made in the last 2 weeks Jim
  6. Hi all Wow, what a fantastic set of replies in such a short space of time, I really appreciate this Ah, so this makes things a lot clearer! So that makes total sense, about the Fridge draining the battery and so on. I will buy one of those adapters now and check at home before we go away (guess I could also hook up to my car and check too, didn’t think of that). So all being well, when I arrive on site (it’s a powered site) it should be all fine. As a matter of interest, what do people do (if anything) if staying in your van and wanting to keep food cold etc, but you are not at a powered site? I guess that’s not really an option? Thanks again. Looking forward to getting away. Always wanted a van, have loved camping in the past but now have 3 kids youngest being 2 and like the idea of being able to get away on a Friday night and not have to get the tent etc up late at night with kids wanting their beds/food! Thanks Jim To save buying one, could i connect to my car (as if i was towing) and would this give me an indication of all is well?
  7. Hi all, Great forum! Glad to be a member. Have searched elsewhere on the forum but couldn’t find the right answer so hope this post is ok here New to caravanning – just bought first one 2-3 week ago and have been cleaning it up etc. 25 years old Piper 515. Planning to take it away this weekend with the kids, but struggling to get all the electrics to work. Lights are fine, battery well charged and looks new. But although the lights inside all work, the fridge, or any of the sockets don’t work. The chap I bought it off said they all work when you connect to mains power at a site (he only had it for a short time, so this might be true but wont know for sure until we arrive on site on Saturday!) but I was wondering why that would be the case, and if there is a simple fix that would allow me to use the sockets and fridge from just the battery. Any help on this would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance!! Jim
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