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  1. I have been doing some research and I am still baffled- the 2L 180hp engine in my Mondeo is the same as in the Ford Edge which is a much heavier car - the Mondeo can tow 2 ton the same as the edge. How does this work?!
  2. Yes - forgot to say that I had the DMF replaced at the same time- hence the expense!
  3. Thanks for the advice! A number of ideas which I can take on board now. My mileage is now just under 31k which I feel isn’t bad - it was 26k when I bought it in November. As you say you can’t tell how the previous owner handled it but now I have a new clutch that should be a new baseline. I am using maps now rather than using satnav though the main issue I had was moving straight from roadworks with controlled traffic lights ending with a hill leading up to a junction with a busy A road! Obviously those who designed the roadworks had no understanding of caravan owners! I bought the Mondeo because of its green credentials- just trying to do my bit for the planet! Not convinced that any electric cars are up to the job yet or would have considered that. Will definitely go for an automatic next time- but hopefully I won’t be forced into doing that for a few years!!
  4. Hi. Have a Ford Mondeo 2015 2L diesel 180 manual which tows my 575 Coachman caravan 2016 model. Everything fine until I fried my clutch last week as I ended up making a series of hill starts from stationary following roadworks and T junction. Costing me over £1k to repair which I don’t want to pay again! Moving awning into car to help but the hillstart assist, electronic brake, clutch and weight of caravan all seemed to be working against each other. Quite frightening experience and I am a reasonably experienced tower! Am pleased with the Mondeo but having read forum wish I had chosen automatic. Any advice out there? Would rather not have to change the car if possible as only had it six months.
  5. I bought a manual ford Mondeo 2015 2L 180 diesel which tows my 575 Coachman caravan beautifully with its 2 ton towing limit. However a week ago I fried my clutch with a series of hill starts due to roadworks and a busy T junction! I think the car battled with the hill start assist, the electronic brake and the weight of the caravan from stationary. The cost of repair is well over £1k which I don’t want to have to pay again. Taking steps to make the caravan lighter putting awning in car etc but is there any other advice? Pleased with the second hand car purchase but wish in hindsight I had chosen automatic after reading comments but if I can avoid it I would rather not change the car
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