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  1. Many thanks for the suggestions - I think if there's room I'll have a go with the dowel solution
  2. The top of one of the worktops got "dinged" recently and left a small dent about the size of a finger nail and maybe 2mm deep . It's not the end of the world but I was wondering if some clear epoxy would be a good repair. Interested to know what others have done before I give it a go - of course all my fault and if repair is rubbish SWMBO will be doubly unhappy with yours truly!
  3. Glad to see I'm not the only one! Old seal knackered - new length on order from seals direct but think I'll see what I have knocking around to make an overhanging lip above the locker.
  4. No - there's a plastic tray but it would appear to be wooden floor, albeit with what looks like plastic sheet stuck to it - so certainly water could get into the fabric. However irrespective of minor nature, it would appear to be a design flaw - is it that hard to design a hatch?
  5. Thanks -was going to get new seal but was wondering about improving the "lip" around the locker so water dripped off a few mm away from the side of the van and not into the locker when open
  6. We have a bailey Pursuit 430/4 and there seems to be a problem with water getting into the nearside rear locker - this is the large locker under the fixed bed. When I open the locker, water dripping off the upper edge falls into the locker annoying but not a major issue. However, last weekend following an overnight deluge I found quite a bit of water in the plastic tray in this locker. I notice that the locker for the battery has a much more pronounced rim around the outside that takes water away from the side of the van allowing to drip to the ground, whereas the rear locker sits almost flush with the side of the van. Just wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem and how they solved it? Thanks Rob
  7. Bailey Pursuit with fixed bed. Gas struts worked fine last year. Van was serviced in June - engineer said as far as he remembered the bed went up and down fine. Went in couple of days ago, bed was up, went to push it down and was absolutely solid. After pushing and seeing I was going to break something off the bed, I took the struts off. When I put them against the floor and try to compress them I have to use all my strength. Figured they've probably leaked so ordered new ones. These arrived today and are almost impossible to compress. Anyone any ideas as to why the bed going up and down last year and not this year. Is there some trick with these struts? Suggestions ideas much appreciated!
  8. Tried searching for previous posts b4 posting but kept getting error message "wait x seconds before trying another search", so apologies if this has been asked before. Not had our van long and up to the last couple of days, TV reception has been good. Now we just get no signal or very garbled picture that comes and goes. The little box of tricks that the antenna is plugged into is Vision Plus, and the antenna is one shaped like a Naan that adjusts from horizontal to vertical. Caravan is Bailey. Have checked that the actual cable is plugged into the tv and have tried adjusting the direction of the antenna but no go - very grateful for any advise as to how to work though and hopefully solve the problem Thanks Rob
  9. That looks pretty good . many thanks for the link
  10. No - it's the roller blinds on the windows not the concertina blinds on the roof lights. Seems that many of these issues are just taken back to the dealer - surely there must be some information about how these work somewhere?
  11. Hi Bailey Pursuit 2015 I am seeking some guidance on how one deals with blinds that don't want to roll back up. The front window is the main problem in that it won't re-wind more than about 1/3rd the way up. Have looked on Utube, but the vids seem to be older style of blinds and my main concern is that I don't completely destroy any fittings getting at the blinds. Instructions / advice gratefully received. Thanks Rob
  12. Am collecting our new (to us) Bailey Pursuit next week and dragging it back to the highlands over 500 miles - I was thinking about one of these front towing covers but I see that they require awning channels on both sides of the caravan to fit them. I was just wondering if any Pursuit owner could confirm whether they have channels both sides ? Thanks in advance Rob
  13. I'm looking at buying a used Pursuit Plus 430-4 - trying to get a realistic idea of what is a "fair" used price. Obviously I know it depends on condition and extras included, BUT is there some form a of rule of thumb to try an gauge the deprecation? Also looking at the current Bailey price list they don't seem to make the Pursuit any more - did production cease in 2018? if so any idea why? Thanks Rob
  14. I know it's subjective and I guess that all manufacturers have issues from time to time. However I'm looking at 2 makes and have seen a few used vans of the type I'm struggling to make my mind up Choice is between Bailey Ranger 520/4 - circa 2009 and Elddis 504 circa 2014 Both have a MTPLM of around 1300-1350 which is where I want to be. Does one have a demonstrably worse / flimsier build quality than the other? I know it's an unanswerable question,. but would be interested in hearing from folk who have had experiences with both makes if not necessarily these actual models. Many thanks Rob
  15. The scout tows well - Now I no longer have a shogun, I use the scout to pull my Ifor Williams LT105 - have happily towed at just under 1800-kg (ballast from the quarry) so was looking at MTPLM of around 1500kg, but SWMBO is not so experienced and so wants to keep around the 85% guideline - which is fair enough. Baily Ranger GT60 520/4 seems to fit the bill Driving licences not an issue
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