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  1. In the Highlands, even A roads can be single track with small passing places!
  2. It's a Crusader - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Caravan-Motorhome-Release-External-Outlet/dp/B01M1RMCRW Box is this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-CRUSADER-PRODUCTS-QUICK-RELEASE-GAS-OUTLET-CRUH191W-/223133161289
  3. The 24V would connect straight to the wheelchair. But we need to see the output of his existing mains charger. If the wheelchair batteries are 24V he's going to need more voltage anyway. So he needs a B2B charger. Here's one, but it's probably £300 plus.
  4. You need a 12v to 24 step up converter like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Converter-Regulator-Voltage-Inverter-Changer/dp/B07Q2CHC2Q But we need to know the power consumption of your existing 24V charger. Can you photograph the charger nameplate? The one above can only deliver 10A at 24V which is 240 Watts.
  5. Great advice here. https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/helpandadvice/technicalhelp/datasheets/choosing-caravan-motor-mover/ I'm very pleased with my Reich Basic 1.8. The two motors can be controlled independently, so it will turn on a sixpence.
  6. The pressure will depend on the ambient temperature. The container is mostly liquid when full. Until all the liquid has boiled off the pressure will stay the same apart from temperature variations. Once you see the gauge dropping it's virtually 'empty'.
  7. I would make sure all electrical items are switched off, replace that fuse with, say, a 3A fuse and plug that red wire into the fuse holder - if it fits. The worst that can happen is the fuse blowing.
  8. Stptd61, Please post some more photos from a different angle or turn the plugs and fuses around. Try and get sharp, in-focus shots. I suggest you try with and without flash. Or use a camera rather than a phone.
  9. Actually, it's getting academic now. The payload of my caravan is 50kg and the motor mover weighs 31kg....................
  10. Please explain. I've done it so it must be practical. I used to clean and jerk 120kg.
  11. Does the white, plastic piece on the red wire have the same shape as the white plastic thingy on the left of your photo?
  12. The wiring is 20 Amp so there is a 20A fuse on the battery. It's a tiny caravan (750kg, laden). Made in Poland where any electrics are quite recent.
  13. how about Aldi's? https://www.aldi.co.uk/ambiano-caravan-kettle/p/010831272721700
  14. What model or size of caravan is it? Does it have electrical sockets? does it have a gas cooker or grill?
  15. I put a broom handle through the hook and straddle the hitch, bend my knees and keep my back straight. But your suggestion is a good one. Or my wife can share the load.
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