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  1. Sounds like this was after sunset - lighting up time. The Leaf driver has no more right to drive without headlights than any other driver. Lucky if he didn't get a ticket. And made to park the car and get a taxi or a freind to pick him up.
  2. So you don't get stopped by the police, could you disable the DRL temporarily? It's an option on many cars.
  3. The manual says it can be used as a psu, so you should should have no problem. https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/Datasheet-Blue-Smart-IP22-Charger-180-265-VAC-EN.pdf
  4. The Rag and Bone man! But mostly it seemed to be cookers and fridges on his cart.
  5. Nobody 'needs' to overtake; should we ban overtaking?
  6. Do any cars have an engine that is mechanically AND electrically connected to the driving wheels? Has anyone driven the new Mazdas with the compression ignition petrol engines?
  7. If we banned all women from driving it would halve the number of road deaths. But it would be oppressive.
  8. But the diesel can run at rated power for a shorter time if the generator is sized for that.
  9. So why don't you stop driving in case you ever were involved in a fatal accident There's an interesting BAC calculator here https://www.drinkfox.com/tools/bac-calculator And I know everyone's different.
  10. That's not fair! He clearly meant that he does not warrant zero tolerance to cut the annual road deaths by one.
  11. Most pubs and restaurants serve 175ml of wine. As many wines are around 14% that's 2.45 units! Even a small wine glass at 125ml will be more than one unit for wines above 8%. As I live in Scotland I can't drink even a pint without probably exceeding the limit.
  12. What is your one drink? I'd like to know the ABV and the size or serving.
  13. I'd have thought a small diesel could warm up very quickly. They can fit lightweight exhaust manifolds. And isn't there a time allowed before the engine has to meet emission standards? I'm amazed how some cars heaters start working in half-a-mile while others take considerably longer. Computers can predict when the engine will be needed and preheat the inlet manifold electrically. Diesel fuel will continue to be available as ships burn it in port. 80% of cargo transported in the US is by diesel.
  14. All car diesels start off cold. How is a hybrid any worse?
  15. Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Land Rover all make diesel hybrids. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202001075896473?advertising-location=at_cars
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