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  1. If your meter negative is connected to a piece of metal poorly earthed you would get less than 12 volts
  2. Are you using the same earth/reference for both voltages? Can you measure the volts from one end of the wire to the other? Can you disconnect the battery and measure this wire's resistance end to end?
  3. Cleg is a Scots word. But horseflies are all over the UK and can give horses disease. Take them seriously! https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6784539/jodie-jeffries-vampire-horseflies-blisters-back-garden-bites/ Horseflies are found worldwide but prefer warmer climes. They are NOT restricted to Scotland!
  4. What amazes me about our Scottish midges is how such a little critter can make a painful bite!
  5. Even on the NC 500 there are clegs about. Their bite is painful and can get infected. Cleg bites can lead to dizziness and wheeziness. Clegs are horseflies. If bitten it's best to get medical advice if it looks infected, but when I got bitten on a French canal in the countryside, I used a venom extractor and it did a brilliant job https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aspivenin-APV1100000/dp/B008K3KAKY It's easy to use single handed which was lucky as I was steering the boat!
  6. Ah or Ampere-hours is a stupid unit. Our electricity is metered in kWh. Just as daft. It's akin to saying my fuel tank stores 300 MPH hours! We should be measuring battery energy in Joules, Kilo-Joules or Mega-Joules. My local wind farm claims to generate 60 Mega Watts a year!
  7. I wish police officers appearing on TV would set a better example. Many times they steer with one wrist on the wheel or take both hands off. They take their eyes off the road and Talk to camera. They use press-to Talk radios with the mic button on their lapel when a button could be added to the steering wheel or they could use VOX. And don't tell me the cops on Police Interceptors are filmed with the car on a trailer. TV companies should abide by a code of conduct. "Four in a bed" often 'films' a car journey with one contestant in the back seat and a cameraman in the front seat. This has to distract the driver.
  8. Is it a three-way fridge? Have to turned the knob to the right position to run off the car's electrics? Is the engine running? What is the caravan make and model or the fridge make and model. How long have you been caravanning?
  9. It takes just 5 seconds. My Thetford (used) was delivered with the float pointing away from the reed switch.
  10. You could open the circular cover by turning it anticlockwise and lifting it out. Make sure it hasn't been inadvertently rotated by 180 degrees. Check the float is free and that the magnet has not fallen out. https://d37kxc2rj53y67.cloudfront.net/api/v1/DocumentTranslation/650/ContentDownload?h=Spare_part_list_C260.pdf
  11. Axle is Al-Ko but chassis and van are made by Niewadow.
  12. No, I am not! On my caravan, yours may be different, the only plate is on the A-frame.
  13. On the A-frame between the hitch and the body of the van is common.
  14. My Tyrepals are great but I've just had to get 4 new tyre valves fitted as the brass nuts had seized onto the valve stems. So apply some grease when fitting them and ensure the rubber boots are in good condition.
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