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  1. kelper

    Waterproof phone

    But the sandwiches will make the screen dirty?
  2. kelper

    Gas hose length

    The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 UK Statutory Instruments 1998 No. 2451 PART A Regulation 2 (5) Nothing in these Regulations shall apply in relation to the supply of gas to, or anything done in respect of a gas fitting on- # # # # (e)a caravan used for touring otherwise than when hired out in the course of a business. What am I missing Brecon? No disrespect intended.
  3. The advice in that link is blooming wonderful, so I have saved it as a PDF. All the links still work. Caravan tips by BOAC Pete.pdf
  4. I meant to be asking Vin Diesel Blanc! My square dish outperforms a parabolic of the same size. I suspect it has some fancy gear inside.......
  5. My square dish is not as 'fussy' as yours. It has the little green LED to show when it's receiving. It's quick and easy to get a workable signal. Next time I set it up I'll try and remember to check and see its receiving 'aperture' in degrees. Is yours a parabolic?
  6. You were wonderful too, to go around apologising!
  7. She hasn't visited the forum since posting. Well, at least not logged in.
  8. "M1 ...... larger than standard car" is misleading. I've just looked in my Vehicle Registration Certificate. My Skoda Yeti is category M1. That's good enough for me.
  9. I've revised my opinion; I think the Wikipedia article is badly written. I now see that a car is M1.
  10. I would happily fit a PIR-activated, battery-operated luminair in my gas locker. The sort that's described as a night light. I have one in the house with three AAA batteries. I don't think it capable of creating a hot enough spark to ignite gas. But batteries themselves can catch fire.
  11. There is some excellent advice here http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/how-does-a-charger-work.php
  12. What's your budget? £25?
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