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  1. I think you could drive there once a week. On other days you would have to flannel wash. You should get the bathroom back in service ASAP. Take some photos of the unusable bathroom with you in case you are stopped. When did you start work on your bathroom?
  2. After long reflection and in light of the large number of cases in UK, Scotland and the Highlands, I have decided to cancel my visit to Inverness. My wife will stop her weekly shop in Inverness (round trip fifty miles). If the local shop has to self isolate I can get a local garage to change the pads and or the disks.
  3. Arnold Clark closed briefly. But garages are deemed essential.
  4. @Gordon, the government has already said that MOTs due after 30/3 have already been extended by six months. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-mots-for-cars-vans-and-motorcycles-due-from-30-march-2020
  5. The dealer had had the car for three months and I was desperate to get the car back. The dealer could not change the disks without my prior consent and may not hve them in stock? Their courtesy car was a manual and my wife (American) only has a UK license to drive an auto. The issue with the brakes was advised when I collected the car. It was booked in for April when the MOT would be first due in case it needed any parts - so a month before the 3-year anniversary. Who knows how long the crisis will last? I want to be sure that my car will be roadworthy. Pads with 30% remaining may well last a long time for you, but not on a car with corroded disks. I am still considering whether or not to cancel. As I said previously, we are 25 miles from the nearest supermarket.
  6. The inspection was in February. I don't think it prudent to fit new pads on corroded and worn disks. As the lockdown might continue for six months, I still feel I need to get this done. But I hear what you say and will review my decision nearer the time. My drive to Inverness is mostly through empty countryside and I will drive more slowly than usual. The risk that I will need the assistance of the emergency services is miniscule.
  7. My nearest Kwik Fit is next to my nearest dealer - in Inverness - 75 miles away. And Skoda UK is paying as a goodwill gesture after a 3-month delay ona warranty replacement of the entire, leaking sunroof It's all different when you live on Scotland's north coast
  8. Each of us has to make a value judgement for each journey in the car. As the police have said, they can only police by consent.
  9. Your temporary bodge is ingenious. If the store where you want to buy the replacement pipe is open it must be essential. I would say, 'go for it'. If a policeman does not accept your argument I would suggest you turn around and comply. Is the item available on mail order?
  10. I checked on the Gov website and it says what it said a month ago, "MOT - No details held by DVLA" because, being under 3-years old, it has never had an MOT. But the latest advice is that all MOT's due after 30/3 have been postponed for six months.
  11. Is this for you caravan/motorhome? Do you mean the cassette/holding tank? If it's for the cassette/holding tank just use a bio dish washer tablet. Or any bio detergent. Please give us all the details you think might be relevant.
  12. If HMG have postponed MOT's, can you even get the test when the data will show it's not due? I know that you can normally get it a month early.
  13. My dealer said I the front disks were corroded and worn. The pads have less than 30 % left. The car is still in warranty. I still intend to drive to my nearest authorised dealer and get these parts replaced. But it's 75 miles away and a two-and-a-half hour drive, Should I cancel? If I lived 5 miles from a dealer would your answer be different? What if it were 10 miles or 20? I find it hard to decide. These are difficult decisions when you live in remote parts. I need the car to shop for food since we are 25 miles from any supermarket. And two-and-a -half hours from the nearest A&E. I would not want to rely on an ambulance if one of us need emergency treatment be it for CoV or a stroke or heart attack. I positively welcome contrary opinions. Why else would I post? I have posted on a few forums in the last five years and when I get opposing views I have occasionally changed my mind.
  14. Many consultants get angry when NHS managers ignore their concerns. It's two-way.
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