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  1. 70Ah will do. Look in Halfords. Measure your battery box before you go. Good luck.
  2. 40 metres per second is almost exactly 90mph so will give a two seconds gap for speed merchants and an extra margin for us lesser mortals. 40 metres per second is 144kph....
  3. The chevrons, on some motorways, are 40m apart. At 70mph you should see two chevrons between you and the car in front. That's 80m or 262 feet which equates to 2.2 seconds even at 80mph.
  4. At 50mph, you are covering 73 feet per second. A two-second gap would be 146 feet. So at 3 car lengths you ARE tailgating!
  5. You sound like a tailgater. And a (headlight) flasher. Sorry if I'm wrong. 😊 Some of us are more cautious! You will call us risk averse. And it depends on the weight and power of your car or rig. I won't overtake when I can see a side road or crossroad ahead. The car in front may decide to turn right with no warning or a car may pull out. I've seen many drivers overtake when the road markings (long dashes) caution against it. I've had some lucky escapes on fast motorcycles; there are many old bikers, many bold bikers but few old, bold ones!
  6. But if you live or overnight out in the sticks you might need to wait hours for an ambulance, so it makes sense to have a more-extensive kit than you city slickers.
  7. If a vehicle restricted to 50 is holding up a lot of vehicles I think they would still be obliged to allow the queue to pass after a few miles. Tractor drivers have been penalised even travelling at their best speed. A limit on your vehicle does not exclude you from consideration of others!
  8. I checked in my up-to-date St John's First Aid manual and tourniquet is not even mentioned.
  9. Thanks. I'm retired now and my last training was probably ten years ago. I'll read my St John's First Aid guide today. I'm not likely to need it in my circumstances but who knows.
  10. Can you provide a source? I've always been trained to release a tourniquet, at intervals, but for a brief period.
  11. You can raise the aquaroll off the ground to help. Also turn the water pump off and leave a tap open half-way between hot and cold settings - and the shower mixer. But it would have to be below freezing for a while before any pipes froze. On site you should be ok since the pipes are plastic and internal. It was -5C last night in Altnahara!
  12. The OEM deems it acceptable. What are your reservations? Just curious....
  13. The tape can be used as a patch or as a compression bandage. Could also hold splints in place for a broken limb. Although I would cover the wound with cloth first!
  14. Can you see a maker's name or the rating on yours?
  15. You can use something else. Please post a photo, even if it's the broken one. We need to see the Amps which WILL be written on it somewhere. You could take it to B&Q or any hardware store and explain your needs
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