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  1. kelper


    Warm air CAN hold more moisture. If you heat air the relative humidity drops but it holds the same mass of water per kg of air. But warming air expands it. So the heating will actually expel some water through the vents. To heat a caravan with people in it there needs to be some throughput of air to displace the exhaled air and evaporated sweat!
  2. kelper


    The heating should not cause any condensation as it vents outside.
  3. This is taken from the boat safety scheme but I think would be a good guide. If a ventilator includes a flyscreen the percentage opening would have to be factored in. The total area of ventilation should be divided as evenly as practicable between high and low openings. The area can include any gaps that cannot be closed off without tools. My caravan sleeps two plus dog. The oven and hob are Thetford 700 series rated at 3.1kW input. My two-burner hob is a Dometic 2.6kW input. my required ventilation area is 14,000 mm2. The floor level vents should total 7,000mm2. This is about 84mm x 84mm if unobstructed.
  4. But why would they add a new range when they could just make more sizes available? The SUV has to have a different design. The + is newer and better than the plain XC.
  5. For my 2017 Skoda Yeti 4x4, the Michelin Tyre Selector recommends the CrossCilmate+ not the CrossClimate SUV. What year and engine size is the Korando out of interest AND what size tyes are fitted? I think the SUV is modified to tweak its off-road abilities. Maybe not a weight factor?
  6. Goodyear All-season 2nd Generation are also one of the best. I was going to buy all-seasons but we live on an A road and it gets ploughed quickly.
  7. My roof vent is drafty by design - it has no rubber seal and never did.
  8. If you don't cook with gas you could block the vent completely. But if you have the awning rigged, wouldn't you cook with the door open anyway?
  9. A gas oven and or hob require a minimum level of fixed ventilation.
  10. The area of the vents is specified and is for the gas cooker (The fridge and Truma each has its own air vent).
  11. My caravan is the same. I have sourced spares on the web and they are also missing the sliding part. It seems to be a non-standard size. there is a second,top vent in one of the overhead lockers that has its slide but this is smaller and a different shape. https://www.niewiadow.com.pl/pl/c/elementy-plastikowe-do-przyczep/15
  12. Oh yes it is! https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-highway-code/general-rules-techniques-and-advice-for-all-drivers-and-riders-103-to-158 Rule 123 The Driver and the Environment. You MUST NOT leave a parked vehicle unattended with the engine running or leave a vehicle engine running unnecessarily while that vehicle is stationary on a public road. Generally, if the vehicle is stationary and is likely to remain so for more than a couple of minutes, you should apply the parking brake and switch off the engine to reduce emissions and noise pollution. However it is permissible to leave the engine running if the vehicle is stationary in traffic or for diagnosing faults. Law CUR regs 98 & 107 So you can't use remote start unless your car is parked off the public highway.
  13. A heat pump can be 400% efficient. Is yours producing 6kW? If so, its power consumption will be around 1.5kW.
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