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  1. I tow a Crusader Storm mainly with my Sharan and it tows perfectly, but when I tow with my wife’s 2018 VW Tiguan in anything put perfect calm, te caravan is jumping about at speeds of 45mph or above and to be honest scary to extent I won’t hitch up with it. We have a friend with same car that tows same layout but a Buccaneer and it doesn’t move, today we learnt from caravan dealer that one of his customers with a 560 Challenger has same problem at speeds over 45mph, also a customer tows a Valencia with his Tiguan and has same experience. If I didn’t tow with the Sharan with no problems then I would blame caravan. my question is has other Tiguan owners had this and found a solution ? My VW dealer is on the case also but any help would be appreciated
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