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  1. Thanks, JayDug, I accept your apology and I don't hold a grudge. With respect, I have a few points to make to straighten things up. Please don't take this personal. My last reply was in answer to your previous reply, i.e. taking each comment of yours and defending my position. I have only done what you have done by you replying to my posts, so how can that be wrong? As far as the John Wickersham manual is concerned, I have just received it from a friend. I did not have it when I wrote the post. In addition, I did not write the full details of the to
  2. Hi, JayDug, I'm sure you have been waiting eagerly for my reply. Sorry for the delay, I have been ill. On your last post, you say. “Oh dear! I’ve caused offence and you’ve got the bit between your teeth.” It's Interesting that you’d say that, how do you mean? I thought that this was a forum to exchange ideas and that means using the truth and engaging in healthy debate. I'm sure that you will agree that condescending people will ruin a forum. People, especially the ones who want help will be afraid to post questions by being afraid of someone making them look
  3. Onewheelonmywag Rodders53 Marchie1053 (Steve) Thank you, everyone, for your valuable contributions. I really appreciate you spending the time to help out with my problem. Things do change and when neighbours tell me my caravan has a high torque, even though I question the remarks, I have to check things out for safety. I will be acting on some of your information and this has helped a lot. The reasons I haven't approached the company direct, is, I am not a customer of Gobur, Just a DIYer. If all Gobur owners telephoned them for litt
  4. With respect Jaydug, I have been driving for over 50 years and in that time, I have done the majority of the mechanical work in my cars and vans. Even to stripping down my brakes, refitting new disks and pads, pressing out my own bearings, refitting them and fitting new shoes and pads. There isn't many jobs that I haven't done on a car, e.g. fitting new clutches, fitting new pistons and piston rings, etc. I have never had any problems with the work I have done, but I have had several problems with the work I have had done by professionals. You mention “The idea of the split pin
  5. Hi, Could anyone give me the axle nut torque setting please for my Gobur Carousel 12/2 tds. It has a 27 mm castellated nut with a split pin. I am not sure of the date of the unit, it could be 1988 or 1991. Please see the A-frame plate details below. On A-frame Plate Model 12/2 SP Gross Weight: 915 KG Net Weight: 700 KG Date of Manufacture: 8891 The identification number on the wheel hub/drum is which points to a German company called BPW. I will be changing the brake shoes, and any other information regarding this
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