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  1. Many thanks for your input. I decided to buy a new battery. I have a lot other things to fix, I won't fight this with the dealer,even if i should, but thank you. I am near Lisbon. Not near the Algarve sadly.
  2. Hello, I am new to everything here! This forum Camping Caravan living It has been a steep learning curve in the last few months as I bought my first caravan and am living in it. It is a Hobby Excellence 560. 7 meters ling. Beautiful. I love it. But I do not like the constant hard work of carrying litres of water, emptying water, emptying toilets,carrying dirty dishes in my car that then jump over and fall off everywhere inside and leave me with dog food and soup liquid on my seats. Now everything is covered in plastic, lesson learned. I m glad I joined this group. I should have done so months ago! now is is my main problem: In the recent weeks there had been a strange smell coming from under the seats of my Hobby caravan recently driving me nuts, thinking it was a water leak somewhere. Then yesterday, my neighbour camper's technician had a look and identified the smell immediately coming from the battery...acid!! He said it wasn't a battery for a caravan but for a car. He disconnected it. I call my caravan seller as it is still under warranty and tell him this. He says as the battery is only for the motor mover, it is the right battery. But the technician disagrees, as he says the caravan is connected by cable to an electrical box. Naturally the seller refuses to change it for another battery. Does someone here know about batteries, in the case of a Hobby caravan where the battery only works for the motor mover and no other electrics inside? I can't upload any picture so I will describe the battery: SERCA with a round sticker that says "8C" on it. Thank you.
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