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  1. Hi all , help needed , we are currently looking at buying a second hand caravan , but rather than towing as we did many years ago , we are going to just put it on a site and leave it there. there fore I want to buy a good second hand van but after reading many messages about problems with all makes of caravans, I realise its a mine field with all different caravan problems , so i'm asking people for there opinions on second hand caravan around 2009/ 2010, or around 7k in money, any help welcome
  2. We are currently trying to purchase a touring van having owned a van 5 years ago, having looked around for vans there seams two areas for purchase, first one is going to a dealer ,but you get an older van with a warranty but no extras( awning etc),or buy private were you get a newer van with all the extras but no warranty, and the headache of wondering is it all above board, any info trying to stay safe when buying private , thanks in advance
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