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  1. That doesn't sound good, again selling it to the person who makes the least fuss.
  2. Doesn't surprise me. I guess to see what they can get away with.
  3. The gas I would have serviced yearly. Electrically , as above check the park requirements. If the park has a set periodic inspection which requires you to have your van tested, remember it only confirms your electrics up to the point of supply. You should then ask the park to provide a new copy of there tested electrics.... probably find they won't test their supply periodically. BS 7671- guidance for electrical testing and routine checks (Your)Caravans : Routine check every 1 year Max period between inspections 3 years (Park Supply)Caravan parks: Routine check every 6 months Max period between inspections 1 year Although the BS7671 can be described as guidance, if you were unfortunate enough to have an electrical fault and the caravan had a fire, then your insurance could request copies of any electrical testing carried out and compare against the period time frames. This could effect any claim.
  4. I don't have experience of your brand of fire but if you aren't feeling the benefit the there sounds like there is an issue. Did they change the gas bottle regulator for free. If they didn't I would ask for a refund for starters. A genuine gas fitter should be able to fault find and tell you if there is a supply issue or an issue with the fire.
  5. Cheers John for the write up. What I have gathered from a number of forums is that, whether you buy a static or a touring caravan it is not the norm that it comes with defects. There are caravans of both types that come with minimal defects and are rectified by the manufacturer through the dealer or the dealer itself.
  6. It's all a generalisation. I don't think there is a specific manufacturer who makes bad caravans. I think its pot luck if you get a bad one. My original post was how many defects did you caravan come with? That's all I'm interested in. If i bought a Baily caravan from a dealer and the fridge was broke, I would expect the dealer to fix it. If the caravan had 30 defects, again I would expect them to fix it. I'm just trying to figure out at what point do people turn round and reject the product. I like to think if you buy a brand new caravan it comes defect free, worst case scenario minimal defects and a few door alignments. I have spent the last 4 years visiting sites and show rooms and all I seen is decent quality caravans on display. I see warranties as a method to repair items that fail in use......not items that have been installed shoddily due to poor workmanship.
  7. Agreed, I'm just used to saying the other one. You are factually correct.
  8. What's with exclamation marks? A fault is a fault that by the sale of goods acts it would be initially the responsibility of the dealer. If the the dealer does not fix then it goes to the manufacturer to fix, whether it is a brake or a window or something else.
  9. I would say the dealer who your buy the van off is liable for the whole unit and it is down to them to worry where the parts came from.
  10. If you had a court case and you needed to generalise how many defect something had I would saying an overall figure of 10 would be fine. I'm at 80+ items and counting.
  11. Hahaha are they known for failures later in life
  12. Did you they just carry out the repairs or did you get a replacement van?
  13. Looks like you have had a decent dealer. Who supplied yours? I'm on the look out for a new caravan.
  14. You must have scored there..... one of the lucky few. To be fare caravans in general would cover it.
  15. Take out legal cover on your insurance policy. It is worth the extra cost for piece of mind that if you need to dispute anything you have that back up. You will generally find that the Park preferred Insurance company don't specify legal cover...... I wonder why.
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