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  1. Ok so the decals are off!! Hairdryer for sure followed by surgical spirit to remove the stickiness.... be very careful on metal bodywork as it can take off some of the paintwork, it worked amazing on the front and rear plastics! I have also been advised that autoglym tar and adhesive remover would work too. On a separate note we had tourershine refurbish our caravan as the sides were so dull and patchy....what an great job! the caravan has an amazing overall shine! well worth the money and highly recommended.
  2. Thank you so much for reassuring me, will give the hairdryer a go tomorrow. If that fails will try the pressure washer. Thanks again, hopefully you will have saved me hours of picking off tiny pieces of stickers 😊
  3. I am very nervous using the hairdryer as the front is plastic and I am scared I damage it. If all else fails I will give it a go. Thanks for your advice 👍🏻
  4. Thanks for your response. The current stickers are too badly cracked and the edges raised to put the replacements on top of them you are right they just come off in really tiny parts!
  5. Thanks John, i was not aware of either of them so will go and have a look, thank you
  6. Good Morning, can anyone recommend good storage for a two berth caravan in Angus?
  7. Hello does anyone have any top tips on how to remove caravan decals? We are looking to replace them and are eventually getting the side ones off but the big RANGER sticker on the front of the caravan is a nightmare to get off and this is the scruffiest looking sticker! We have tried using a hairdryer but are terrified we melt the plastic! We would be grateful for any advice
  8. Thanks so much, we tried the autoglym and it did make a slight improvement so I think I will try tourershine, thanks again. It is so frustrating as the rest of the caravan is in great condition but the exterior looks bad 😩
  9. Hello I am hoping for some advice regarding my 10 year old Bailey Ranger. We bought it second hand and the previous owners have clearly used a scouring pad or something similar to clean the outside of it as there is lovely shiny areas then very dull patches. We have used fenwicks products on it but it still looks terrible. Is there anything I can do to bring the shine back? I would really appreciate any help
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