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  1. Thankyou. Ive sent them a message so fingers crossed I can get a good quote
  2. Hi all, After some advice.. Again 😂 Just bought myself my first caravan and I love it, despite its age 😂 I was wondering if anyone knows anything about updating or changing the curtains and cushions?? Or knows a company that does it at a good price?? Thanks in advance
  3. Paul, Hertfordshire is actually pretty close as I'm on the edge of essex. Do you mind me asking how much you paid for it on the skoda? Thanks, Mitch
  4. Thankyou for the little find. Just shopping around trying to find the best price. Does between 350 and 450 sound about right
  5. Oh god that's my worst nightmare... Defiantly don't want to be making any mistakes like that!! I just hope we enjoy ourselves, I'm just so excited to go out
  6. Ahhh I have a skoda octavia.. Not sure if it would make a difference though
  7. Brilliant advice anyone. Don't suppose anyone could recommend somewhere nice in Essex to go
  8. Hi all, Just a quick question. I've just bought my first caravan but I'm not waiting to get a towbar fitted. Can anyone offer any advice. And can anybody recommend a person a company in the Essex area who could do this for me? Kind regards, Mitch
  9. Thanks for the advice... Much appreciated. Seems like caravanning is a learning on the road kind of thing. Just dont want to make any silly mistakes
  10. Hi everyone, Complete caravan newbie here with no experience. I've recently just bought a small lunar ariva for summer touring with my wife and 8 month old baby. As we have no expirience in touring I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice or top tips to make our journeys run smoothly. Many thanks, Mitch
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