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  1. Thanks everyone for all your helpful advice it certainly gives me something to be working with.Im still finding lots of cut wires and parts of loom coiled up and tucked behind cupboards and under false floors.😤.Just another question if you helpful people don’t mind.The earth for 12v system comes from vehicle chassis to back of consumer unit circuit board a.m. I correct in that all the earth wires for everything return to earth through the circuit board. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the reply.The guy has used some of the original harness but lots has been cut out.ive been able to get lights working and most other stuff.Not had it connected to hook up yet to see if leisure battery is charging.Some people should just say no I can’t do it rather than messing it up for others.ive also just found a two wire multiplication under the toilet which I’m guessing needs a power and earth to work.
  3. Hi all. hoping someone can help me out.I have been asked by someone that has just had a horsebox converted to sort out the electrics as I’m a hgv mechanic.The person who done the conversion has fitted the interior out of a accident damaged 2014 elddis avante I’m lead to believe but has got to a point with the electrics and has become stumped hence me being asked.He has cut quite a lot of the wiring out as obviously not everything is needed.Ive sorted some of the lights.But the fridge won’t work on 12v I’m guessing because it’s not connected to a vehicle but as it’s on a lorry chassis.does anyone have a wiring diagram that I could trace wiring for that circuit or even just wiring numbers or colours.Also in one of the cupboards by door there is 2 wires that have two small alligator clips on the ends.What are these for.Sorry to ask so much but it’s a head scratcher for me. Thanks in advance.
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