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  1. Hi I have avoided heavy items in the top lockers, and don't have a front locker, so not got lots of things there. Should I take the replies to date as confirmation that I shouldn't be feeling the movement?
  2. The caravan is 2019 Bailey Unicorn Vigo, and the car is a VW Touran 2.0 Diesel SE, the hitch is an Al-Ko 3004 Thanks No, not a Barnsley fan, used to be Huddersfield Town, but not really bothered about football nowadays (and not just because of this years performance!) I have increased the pressure in the tyres to the ones for a loaded vehicle, and the caravan is slightly nose down when hitched. Thanks
  3. I am new to caravanning, and when towing our caravan I can feel a lot of vertical movement of the back of the car. I have tried to find out if what I am experiencing is "normal", but so far cannot get a clear answer. The C&C Club have said that I shouldn't really get any pitching, but other caravan owners I have asked say it is normal. Whilst I don't feel the car is unsafe, it is not an enjoyable experience, and do not arrive at my destination in a relaxed condition. I am aware that we are above the 85% rule based on an empty car and full caravan, but are well below it when the car has a passenger and all the "stuff" that goes in the car. I have also tried towing it with a car that weighs over 2000kg, and it was not any better. The nose weight was checked before towing and was at 80kg which is the maximum for the car and within the 5-7% range. Can someone please tell me how I can find out if I have a problem or not? Thanks TykeVanMan
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