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  1. Ah I wasn't aware of price of used versions. Assumed they would be alot higher. Will have a look online at these. Thanks
  2. Bit out of my price range unfortunately. I have being doing more research and reading about the seat tarraco. Seems to get good reviews overall and from tow point of view. Anyone looked at one or have one?
  3. When caravanning we wouldn't have 7 seats in use bit good point to consider. Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. Certainly given me more options to look at and some I hadn't even thought about.
  5. What spec level would you recommend as best value for money?
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. Hadn't considered a Ford S Max. Had only been looking a big 4x4 type vehicles. Hadn't thought about budget but normally look around £25k mark.
  7. Hi, We will be looking at changing our car end of this year to a 7 seater and have been doing some research for a car that will also be future proof for if we decide to upgrade our caravan. We currently have a light weight caravan around MTPL of 1200kg. Can anyone recommend a good 7 seater that is also capable of towing say 1600kg. Have been looking at the Kia Sorento but seems pretty expensive but getting alot of car for money. Tend to buy cars few months old so looking a fairly new cars. Thanks for any advice.
  8. Hi Can anyone advise where I can get a replacement window for a 2006 Avondale Dart caravan? The two sections windows have came apart and my DIY attempt to glue back together hasn't worked as I had hoped. Thanks
  9. I will ask service centre about that and see what they say Thanks only other thing picked up in service was gas burner part for fridge which was only £30 to replace so overall seemed well. Thanks everyone for your help and advice
  10. Will have a check when I'm next up at caravan. Hopefully this weekend
  11. Thanks for response. It was what I was most concerned with when buying caravan especially since was a private sale!!
  12. Thanks for your quick reply. So only a few areas of 16 to keep an eye on.
  13. Hi We bought our first ever caravan last month a used 2006 model and put it in for a service. I have attached a copy of the damp report and wondered if anyone can tell me if I should be concerned with anything? Thanks
  14. Thanks for all your advice I thought it didn't seem right. This is the other one I'm looking at. Will this be a safer and better set up? Thanks
  15. Thanks where do I find the maximum vertical load of a caravan? I went to view another caravan and have attached details below. I know this is above the 1300kg but speaking to dealer I was advised my car will be suitable to tow. Is this information correct or am I being given incorrect information?
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