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  1. Thanks just went out to van and noticed I have the same green charging button. Will ensure that is lit going forward when on sites
  2. Thanks for all your replies. The van is a swift major 6td. Would the charger button be under the sofa at the electric box?
  3. Hi, Was getting ready to go away with caravan when motor mover wouldn't work and discovered the leisure battery was dead. I have since bought a new battery and the shop advised me that I need to charge the battery regularly. I always assumed (maybe wrongly) that when I was connected to site mains power this charges the battery? Can someone ease advise if I need to do something else to charge the battery when on site
  4. Hi, Can someone please tell me tow capacity of cars from plates below. I have worked out 2200kg and 1200kg so caravan would be 85% of these figures. Have I worked it out correctly? Thanks
  5. Thanks for info. I have switched box on and with standard aerial cable i get Freeview channels. I have also taken photo of the box and what's on the roof. (From a distance at ground level so not the best).
  6. Thanks I will get some photos when I'm next at the caravan and look for the manual
  7. Thanks for replies. I believe the aerial is linked to satellite dish as dealer mentioned it automatically moves to detect best signal. We have a TV for caravan but not with built in Freeview or anything like that. Do I need a Freeview box for it to work or just an aerial cable?
  8. Hi, We recently got a new caravan (new to us) and it came with a satellite box. Dealer explained it has an aerial that would pick up signal automatically on top.of roof etc but I'm not sure what else I need to watch TV. He mentioned a decoder or sky box. If we just want to watch Freeview channels do we need anything else or just plug into TV and it will work? We don't have sky so don't have a box to use. Will a virgin media box work to get additional channels? Thanks for any advise.
  9. Thanks. The towball limit for vehicle I believe is 90kg
  10. So I have now collected our s max and got a nice surprise to see detachable tow bar already fitted and tow bar under the boot. I have taken a photo of tow bar included. Can someone advise the figures written on it meaning. I'm assuming it is suitable for vehicle tow ball limit of 90kg. Is it the 140kg figure im looking at?
  11. Thanks for reply. Hoping I can get test booked soon!!
  12. Thanks for quick reply. I was planning on sitting test anyway so will.need to now when able. Just aswell don't have any trips away planned! When looking at new van what MTPLM should we be looking at to be within the 85% guide?
  13. I have yet to collect 2016 ford smax vso don't have specific weights from vehicle however looking online I'm now concerned even with my existing caravan I will be over the 3500kg allowed for my license. My current caravan MTPLM is 1250kg and looking at online at vehicle weights for 2016 smax I think.i may be over. Any advice appreciated.
  14. Yeah will be leaving it all on when trade in for the next owner.
  15. Thanks for all the replies. This was factory fitted tow bar so no spare parts to out back. Only part Incan remove is the actual tow bar. Will leave it on car for trade in.
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