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  1. Sorted thanks 👍 Someone suggested removing/checking the wiring behind the main zig panel and there was a loose connection on the switch.
  2. Sounding really silly, but what is the 12v master switch? Is that the one on top of the battery charger? 🤔 Sorry, complete novices 😕 Also, none of the lights work on hook up either.
  3. We've replaced that. It was a 16a and we've replaced it with the same. Would that be right? Thanks. Thanks Jacobite, there is a switch but we've tried it both ways and nothing 🤔
  4. Hi, We are new to caravaning and have a 90's Fleetwood Colchester 1650/4. We have fitted a new leisure battery which willpower the pump but we can't get any lights to work, notlr the 12v socket. We've tried the fuses and the switches at the front panel Any ideas what we could try next please? Thanks, Ann
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