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  1. Thanks all, my hubby passed pre-1997 so towing not a problem. The MTPLM of the van is 1469kg and we’re looking at a 2.0 Mondeo Estate which we think will do it. The dealer was fab when we bought and made it perfectly clear that my hubby’s existing motor (a Ford Transit but not a beefy one) wouldn’t do it, we just thought that finding an affordable tow car was going to be easier - we had already thought about changing the transit as the perception towing a caravan can be rather undesirable ...
  2. Hi all, we’ve just bought our first van and foolishly found that my hubby’s current vehicle isn’t suitable to tow it. We know about the 85% rule and the van’s MTPLM but we’re struggling to find an affordable tow car, considering a 2.0 Mondeo Estate, would anyone recommend against this as a tow car?
  3. Thanks all for replies and advice - I think we’ll keep looking for now as we have our last few camping trips booked through summer so will give the tent it’s last hoorah. If anyone could recommend any good dealers in the Essex or perhaps Kent areas I’d be very grateful and once again my thanks to all who replied.
  4. Hi all, we are a family of three (6 year old son) looking to upgrade our tent for a caravan - after many years of happy camping the time has come to trade the canvas in for a little more luxury and hopefully less work. We’ve done a little research and this year visited the camping and caravan show at the NEC to get a rough idea on the layout and style that suits us, today we visited a local dealer and fell in love with a 2016 Elddis Affinity 550, it was priced at £18,999 which we can just about scratch together but obviously need to buy extras including awning etc. Since coming home I’ve been doing a little research and am concerned at fairly critical reviews and reported faults so not sure we should even think about investing such a lot of money. I’m assuming that as it’s only three years old we should receive the benefit of any manufacturers warranty period remaining but wondered if anyone could offer any reassurance about Elddis in general as a vehicle - should we be avoiding them at all cost?
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