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  1. I have messaged you, thank you
  2. Would this approx £100 per month be for gas, electric and water? Or just gas? Sorry, i’m just trying to work all my figures out. The caravan isn’t in a flood area luckily. Thanks for your help. I’m not there for a couple of weeks now but i will ask next time i go, however most people only visit for a couple of weeks at a time so i guess i’m not going to get an accurate answer. Thank you for your answers Terve and Mr Plodd
  3. Hi, I don’t yet have a contract as i’m just currently enquiring, however i know to triple check it due to hearing many horror stories. As for gas, i’m sure i purchase it from the site owners themselves but just wanted to know the rough cost of a tank and how many i would need to purchase throughout the year. The caravan itself has a gas central heating system with high-efficiency condensing combi-boiler if this helps? And will also be using washer and dishwasher. As explained, not an exact amount is needed but just a rough estimate please. thank you
  4. Hi, I am looking at purchasing a Willerby Skye 38x12 3 bedroom new static caravan. Just so that i can budget, i was wondering the average cost of gas and electric consumption (are these charged together or separate?) if i was to stay in the caravan full-time with my partner and two children for 9 months? As well as the cost of water. I’ve already budgeted for site fees etc but i’ve found it difficult to find information on bills. I know it varies from family to family but would just like a rough estimate. (The caravan will be fitted with extra insulation underneath - are there any other ways of bringing the cost down?) thanks in advance
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