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  1. Hi Simo thank for getting back to me the van is only 2017 . 18 months old we bought it from Preston caravans. A dealer brand new.. We have looked at the later 2017 models the same as ours and found that they have a joining strips at either side of Thebes head board, , our is in the middle causing a weak spot expecially when the weather is very hot and the sun is on it. It. Went back to consert and had a new side put on but they have put back the same sort of side causing damage to the roof vent now leaking and the front top window full of silicone and scratches. my 7 year old grandson can use a silicone gun better look forward to hearing off you Steve
  2. Hi has anyone had problems with their 2017 Buccaneer Cruiser? Mine has had problems with the wall being sucked in in hot weather, it as been back to factory for repair but has come back doing just the same along with a lot more faults caused by careless handling of repairs any ideas or help gratefully recieved. Steven
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