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  1. We have 4 radiators which have thermostats. 2 of the radiators work as you would expect - ie turn them on full and the radiators get very hot - turn them down to 1 and they are on low heat. However 2 of the radiators are red hot all the time no matter what setting the thermostat is set at. Points to the thermostats - although for some reason despite the central heating system has been checked twice - the radiator thermostats have not been.
  2. The Central Heating system has been checked out twice - but for some reason the radiators, especially the thermostats haven't been checked -
  3. We bought a new Caravan on a site 6 months ago - and it became clear virtually from the outset that the gas consumption was excessive. The site checked the gas installation but couldn't find any problems. We have a Combi boiler feeding 4 radiators with Thermostats in the main bedroom. twin bedroom and 2 in the lounge area ( one near the entrance door and the other kitchen area) - there is a radiator in each of the 2 bathrooms. We were at the caravan about 4 nights last November and then the boiler was put on a timer at low heat, until we decided to drain down the system for th
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