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  1. I have a BMW X6 and I have also tried my van with a Discover 4 and still had the same issue. Was just wondering is there a setting on the control panel in the van or something. The battery is all hooked up to the van and when we get to site and plug it into the mains it’s fine. But just not getting a full reading when we are towing.
  2. Just wondering if anyone can help me. I have a Venus 620 caravan and I’m struggling to charge the caravan when I’m towing. We go down to Cornwall so it’s a good 5hr journey but got to site and the battery was very low which I was surprised by. Am I missing a trick here?
  3. Great advice Les will definitely give that a go. Like you said saves a job when you arrive on site. Cheers
  4. That’s great I’ve sorted it now. The flush is running a nice pink colour now. But lesson learnt don’t put blue in the flusher thanks room
  5. So I have found the little rubber pipe and now I’m just flushing fresh water down the flush compartment. As you can see by the pic it’s still running out blue do I need to wait until this starts coming out clear??
  6. That’s great. I’ll get stuck in once this rain has stopped. You guys make it sound very easy haha. Thanks for your help. Will keep you all posted how it goes.
  7. Might be being a bit thick but how would I drain tank?? And also will I know when the flushing tank is full of water so I don’t over fill it.
  8. Yes we i first got the van I put blue into the flushing tank and that was it. I may of done it again on the 2nd trip also. It was working but when pressed the button blue was coming out but now nothing comes out just makes a noise. But as I’ve read the blue is very thick so I’m guessing it needs a good rinse.
  9. Hi there we are away in St Ives and I went to use the toilet in our Venus 620. I pressed the button on the top and it made the correct noise but no pink fluid has come out. I’ve had a little look on YouTube and it could be the pump clogged as I did put blue fluid in the wrong compartment when we first got the van (school boy error I know) Now I’m trying to locate the pump on our thetford but can’t see how to get into it. Just wondering if anyone could help. I have attached a picture of the thetford as I know there are a few different models out there.
  10. Thank you all for the replies. I have bit the bullet and got it sent back to truma. It has arrived back and now on the van all in perfect working order. The engineer who was fitting it sent me this picture and he seems to think the mover was never in working order. But I’m going to enjoy my holiday and then have a little word with the seller and see what we can do.
  11. Recently purchased a twin axle motor mover for our van (Truma Te Twin Auto Engage Mover picture attached) I bought this from eBay as it was used. I went to go to meet the seller and got him to write a hand written receipt saying sold in working order etc his name and his address. We found a gentlemen through yell to fit out motor mover who had some very good reviews. We dropped the van off with the motor mover and 2 hours later he called up..... yep you guessed it the motor mover did not work. So I called the eBay seller and said what has happened he is in Tenerife on holiday so he said he can’t do much right now. The guy who tried fitting the motor mover said that he has tested the rollers and everything seems fine so it’s not the rollers he said it’s the communication to the board which isn’t working. So I said this to the guy I bought it off. He said well the best the thing to do is get the mover to me. This is great but I’ve already paid £150 for the mover to be fitted then there will be another charge of £150 to removed the motor mover and then I will have to give it back to the original seller for him to look at it. The gentleman who is fitting it said he could send it to Truma who can look at it and fix the unit for £150 and then it will be up and working he promised me that. I said how are you a 100% sure he said it will definitely work as it’s the unit. So I’m just a bit concerned what to say to the eBay guy. Do I ask him to contribute to the paying of Truma to fix it or the contribute of the guy taking the mover off. I’m in a bit of a rush to get the mover on as going away Thursday to Mother Ivy’s Bay so yes I’m just wondering what I could do to try and get something back from the eBay seller or do I just byte the bullet this time.
  12. Matelodave that’s great I’ll have a good look at the sims and tbh that deal sounds and looks good what you found. So thank you 😊 Nilrem great to hear you have something similar. Did you leave the antenna out all the time and fix it to something or did you just use to put it out when you was needing it. Great idea about opensignal I will definitely use that. I go to Cornwall next week (past experience the WiFi is horrendous down there) so will give it a go down there.
  13. Thanks for your reply. I have used hotspot in the past and as we both don’t have much data but I guess topping up out data on our phones is cheaper than the Karma unit. I have a a 30 day trial so I will give it a go and see how it goes. But thank you for your reply’s and I’ll keep you posted on how I get on. Regarding SIM cards how does that exactly work putting a sim into the device and using it that way. Sorry if I’m being thick
  14. I have recently purchased the KUMA Caravan & Motorhome 4G Mobile WiFi Kit. It’s for my caravan as my wife runs her own business so when we are away she can still do work and not rely on the poor sites WiFi. I’m just wondering if anyone has got one and if they have mounted there 4g antenna on the outside of there van or Motorhome. As I’m thinking of doing this. Hope someone can help
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