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  1. We are now proud owners of a twin axle caravan with motor movers on all wheels. When we turn caravan into drive using the mover the rear tyre/s & or wheel seem to bulge/buckle. Hubby did mention this when we collected caravan to sales chap, anyone experience anything similar. We do have quite a tight turn so perhaps need to figure out different manoeuvre. Single axle was fine 🙄. Thanks
  2. Hi all Have had quite a few trips away since last asked advice all great fun once on road) Is it legal/illegal to take caravan out onto main road then hitch onto car? Our caravan sits in our driveway and have ample space to hitch car and be ready to tow (it’s very angular accurate). When we pull out we have to cross over centre white line to get end of caravan past wall and out. This can cause a little bit of stress as I slow down traffic coming round corner, kids guide hubby out past wall and we don’t have anyone else to stop traffic coming towards us which is where the issue is as drivers try to be helpful but stop too close and it all gets a bit tight and stressful (lack of punctuation should be indication of stress levels 😬)(a diagram wldve been easier 🙄) we are on a 30mph road (A93) which is now lot busier than 15 years ago. Any helpful or amusing comments appreciated
  3. Hi AlwynMike need more advice please. Been very stressful day. Our caravan service department has said best not to change stabiliser hitch on our van (swift Challanger 586) as there maybe implications with handbrake, ATC etc. We are intending on trying AL-KO again for towing, if hubby still dislikes it am I correct in saying that you have successfully put a Winterhoff onto a AL-KO chassis & did it have ATC? Good Evening and Good News successfully replaced Al-Ko with Winterhoff. All Al-Ko pads were badly worn also noticed rubbed areas on metal of AL-KO hitch. (We have only owned van for 2 months ) Received email from AL-Ko with reference to changing to Winterhoff no issue. Had so much positivity from Mike. Towed caravan today no screeching squealing or loss of hitch. Many happy caravanning days ahead. The Hill Family
  4. The towbar is definitely factory fitted and retractable by a pull cord in boot. Have been to Audi they have confirmed factory fitted. Correct there is no alternative to the tow bar for this age /model of car, Audi service man also mentioned to attach a different towbar would not be possible due to coding in control system. No other towbar fitters will remove it... by now I’m confused!! Have discussed measurements on AL-Ko website with Audi and they yet haven’t advised if correct or not for AL-KO stabiliser. Wish we had bought towballless car and added an AL-Ko towbar. what happened to the old hitch and go 30+ years ago. A caravan fitted with another tow hitch may have to be acquired. Any excuse to browse. Have discussed also at length with service department where caravan was purchased and they advise not changing hitch type as there maybe an impact of “other factors” eg break system that we are unaware of. All this comes from van departing from car after being positive was hitched correctly we then re- measured /checked ball height etc against AL-Ko ranges. And found height lacking by approx 5mm. Will be following advice given earlier and use jockey wheel to check all attached before brave Hubby takes car and caravan out round quiet block to see if it stays attached. Thank you all for your input and advice. Nikky Thanks Andy for your advice... will be following it!! Hubby going out for short tootle to regain confidence. Horse trailers must have been too easy. Only ever prob I had was getting my highland to come out in reverse but that’s another really long story. Thanks again Nikky
  5. Hi John that’s exactly what happened, very frightening can’t allow to happen again.
  6. thank you just the info I was needing.
  7. Will try that first, I’ve been told Winterhoff will fit towball just don’t know if it will fit the caravans AL-KO chassis, had really hoped someone on here may have been clued up on wether it will fit before we buy. Have read somewhere about bolts /holes being in different places. for hitch to attach to.
  8. Have tried, thought was ok... was not. Thankfully weren’t on main road or travelling at speed
  9. Whatever will hubby say... comparing photos 🤣. Yours looks like it has more horizontal & vertical clearance.
  10. The vertical measurement of 60mm from towball to shoulder? It is less than 60mm so believe it is incompatible but if I’m wrong I will be one happy person. see below our retractable tow ball will add photo of ruler against towball. Perhaps worrying about nothing. The vertical measurement of 60mm from towball to shoulder? It is less than 60mm so believe it is incompatible but if I’m wrong I will be one happy person. see below our retractable tow ball will add photo of ruler against towball. Perhaps worrying about nothing.
  11. I really wish it was. The towball cannot be removed/replaced. Only option to sell car or caravan or change hitch or could go stabiliser free 😱🙈. Have towed horse trailers for 25 years without a stabiliser
  12. Thank you all who helped with your greatly appreciated advice on my other thread. have establish the tow ball on our A6 Quattro Allroad is incompatible with our Swift Challanger Al-Ko hitch. caravan has an AL-KO chassis. we cannot fit a leaf stabiliser either. r u feeling my pain... has to be a Winterhoff or no stabiliser but cannot find any info on attaching a Winterhoff to a AL-KO chassis. been put in this unfortunate position and trying best to sort. The car is 2nd hand and came with factory fitted tow ball. Been advised to change will come with rather large invoice... Hubby not very amused with me at present. thanks again for all advice
  13. Great idea, parents had one on their van. Not sure if it will fit our towball. Can’t upload photo of it but it’s quite stubby made by Westfalia. It rotates out from under bumper
  14. Hi All Finally found time to investigate further. The depth/height of our towball is not giving the 60mm clearance that Alko hitch require. We are unable to change factory fitted towbar due to cost so now need advice on replacing Al-Ko hitch with ?? All suggestions greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I’ve sold my driving ponies or I might’ve been tempted to bypass the car and use them.
  15. So relieved now I know what to look for to confirm that we do not have a ring on out tow ball
  16. That’s what I had read Fireman Iain on another forum. Just finding it really difficult to get any more information. Have googled but not getting anywhere fast. Have phoned both Audi and Al-Ko both have advised me to contact the other. No wonder I’m confused. Anyway replacement pads arrived so just need to find time to fit, polish tow ball and hope that this works. It’s a factory fitted towball and seemingly a really expensive job to put on a different one.
  17. Thank you , will be cleaning old pads off and tow ball and try again, tow ball did have some paint/rust on it so fingers crossed it’s only this. If that’s all that’s causing the noise I’m amazed. It sounded like car was falling to bits. Have ordered new pads won’t be replacing just yet... they are expensive for size they are. It was in Al-Ko handbook that not all towballs are compatible.. that got the pointy finger googling again..🙄
  18. Thanks for replying Andy, caravan is relatively new to us, purchased secondhand from a local caravan dealer so useage unknown. Al-Ko pads very worn with shims already on so have ordered new pads however towed it home with an Audi A4 Quattro, which had a detachable swan neck tow ball. No noise when towed hence thinking must be something other than Al-Ko stabiliser. Have done lots of towing horse trailers over 30 years never come across a problem like this. Will be phoning both manufacturers ASAP
  19. We have a Swift Challanger Sport 586 towed by an Audi A6 Allroad Quattro 3litre (second hand couldn’t afford new) lots of groaning from car-caravan hitch area when towing. Appears possible incompatibility between Al-Ko stabiliser and Audi retractable tow bar. Have ordered new Al-Ko pads etc but have read that Audi electric retractable are not compatible with Al-Ko but cannot find enough information Two options, change Al-Ko hitch to another is this possible or replace Audi tow bar.. 2nd prob more expensive option. Is it possible to remove Al-Ko and replace with Winterhoff and how difficult would this be? Kids want us to keep caravan as we have seperate areas. if this is wrong area to post in please advise where to post. thanks “The Hills”
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