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  1. Thank you for the advice. I better get a few layers on. I'm not comfortable leaving the case fire one without a carbon monoxide detector.
  2. It's the second time out and just went to test the electric heater but can not see a dial for the electric. It a budget bailey discovery van so did truma make a cheaper gas only version of the s3002?
  3. I've been a member of the CCC for a few years while tenting and i have to say i've not had the best experience i find it a little uptight. This is why the non club field appealed to me at pembrey and for the most part it was great. This problem however would not of happened on a CCC rally site. Might be time to rethink my CCC opinion.
  4. This is a well run site at Pembrey Country Park over the weekend. I was guided in by a a member of staff so i've pitched correctly. The post is a divider of the pitches. I'm a pretty quite guy who doesn't like confrontation but i was so incensed with this i told them to move it as soon as i saw it. I did not get any apology or even any eye contact when doing so. Listening to them over the weekend they sounded like a nice family i just don't get how they could think that was acceptable. Not only was this invasion a issue they had parked a second vehicle in a manner that made it difficult for me to get out when leaving on Monday. Being my first time out i had to reverse out of my pitch which was a bit nerve racking.
  5. I couldn't believe it when I got back from a walk to see my new neighbours setup! This is my first time out is this something I should get used too?
  6. We have this microfibre mop thing with an internal tank for floor cleaning fluid that we bought in wilko i think. Its fuss and mess free. Something like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spray-Mop-MEXERRIS-Microfibre-Refillable/dp/B07DB6WPXL/ref=sr_1_15?crid=35U7OCN4MLU9O&keywords=microfibre+mop&qid=1556012112&s=gateway&sprefix=microfibre+%2Caps%2C154&sr=8-15
  7. I'm pretty happy with smarty payg. You get credit back for any data not used. You can also add more for £1.25 per GB which is reasonable i think.
  8. Most smartphones have the hotspot feature. Turn this on and it will act like a local wifi which you can then log into via the firestick.
  9. Expensive for what you get and the road down is not for everyone. Lots of better sites down the Gower.
  10. Do all baileys of the age (noughtys) have a small battery box? it looks a tight fit in there. I don't think this will fit.
  11. Thank you. Is it worth paying extra for agm battery? The Bailey manual says max 90ah should i stick to there recommendations? I did not know Halfords did free checks thank you i will book it in.
  12. Thank you for your reply. No its not a new van so i can assume the batter has been hanging around flat . I'll get a new battery then. It through me when the charger said full.
  13. I'm new to caravanning, i've just returned from my first weekend away in the caravan and i'm thinking i might have a fault on my van 12v system. The BCA 1212 unit was showing the battery at around 12v first but when using any electric like the light or pump this dropped to zero then creeped up. however within 5 hours of being there the voltage meter was showing under 10v and would no longer pump water. I've brought the battery home and plugged it into a charger. Its a basic one without a meter but the LED lights showing full. I then checked with a voltage meter which is giving a reading of 12.2v which after goggle is suggesting this is 50% charge so why would the caravan show it as flat?
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