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  1. Far reaching set of alerts set up seems critical. You are needing the right seller at the right time. Patience
  2. Lovely, thank you. Had seen this one when having a scan through what is out there but thought I had better get some real life users opinions, this looks perfect for the job. Yes, I quite agree. I have been to see a couple of Caravans that smelled super ace like a rose garden in bloom though and was all "what are they trying to hide"?, the vans themselves did not quite suit what we are after so I did not delve further, but as the various makes and models we want have been narrowed down to 3 now, its nearly game time so better get tooled up.
  3. Hello to all, I am looking into purchasing a damp test device, I have looked into it and the price of these things seem to vary wildly. My preferred budget is below £50. The only applications it will be required for is use in making sure the Caravan is tickety boo both on purchase (happening in June, so watch out other road users!) and ongoing as I will be intending to do services myself to save a few bob. Do you have any recommendations for a device/model within budget and up to the task please?
  4. Is this not a hurdle you could overcome with a bit of gentle mentoring? ie she can drive but has the willies about towing, maybe a few goes on a quiet stretch of road here or there?, a few Youtube vids to give her some salient knowledge etc I mean hopefully illness will avoid you but should it strike then a "Spirit of Dunkirk" approach seems the cheapest, easiest option.
  5. Yes, I reckon we will probably will learn by doing, two years until we make the full leap (Mortgage), Up at 4 tomorrow for work but I must say that knowing my current grunt weeks have a shelf life is certainly making them easier. Thanks very much for the tips.
  6. Thanks Jiffy, we are not essentially going off grid, just want to rig the Caravan out so it has that capability or there abouts to get cheaper pitches. Have been looking at some the options here...http://www.swift-owners-club.com/support/no-hookup.html I am just thinking that the initial outlay will save us mightily over time, we are going to be having a couple of years of domestic holidays and weekends away to fine tune everything but I must admit electrics are not my strong point but I am determined to understand what is going on between van and car fully. Yes will be deffo getting the ACSI, what do you opt for where breakdown cover is concerned? Cheers, Steve
  7. Thanks FG, 5 years!, that is awesome. Thank you for the tips, we are thinking that single nights might be unavoidable in cases where point A is too far from point B but I should imagine we will try by hook or crook to avoid it (both thrifty or more precisely skinflints!), yes we are looking at longer stay, 60-90 in each spot when possible, the periods we will be back in the UK are likely to be June, July, August to get a bit of work/business, service car and van, mot, remind folk we are alive! etc in so hopefully that will avoid some peak prices. Do you have any favoured sites you use to search for booking places? Cheers, Steve
  8. Thanks John, the plan used to be that we were dead set on simply moving to Spain (avid watchers of Bargain Loving Brits!) but Brexit has kind of thrown a Spanner into all that (in that I do not think even the PM has a clue what is going on), so this is plan B. Luckily, we are liking it as much as plan A. Do you happen to have any tips of finding cheap pitches? we are likely to be spending 4-6 weeks in one place before moving on and happy with basic if this helps and booking well ahead of schedule. What are the best Go-To websites for searches? Cheers, Steve Thanks Andy, have replied. Sage advice. Is getting on a ferry with a Caravan dicey in your experience? ie is there reasonable space getting i and out again?, only ever been on a ferry once with a Hillman Avenger!
  9. Hello, We are Caz and Steve (Steve here talking), the fraud for two months bit is because we are getting our very first Caravan in June, we might have already got one but I am having to upgrade my sane and sensible Ford Focus to a bigger car for towing purposes as well and also these two purchases (Very expensive to us as I expect would be to most) have to be exactly right as neither car nor van will be brand new. This is all part of what we hope to become a major gear change for us, we are not telling anybody close to us in case these plans do not materialise, our plan is to have a couple of years of normal holidays, getting used to towing, learning etc before taking the leap and renting our house out and spending 8-9 months of the year touring (at a sedate pace!) returning to the UK for 3-4 months a year in summer to do bank/cover work in our respective jobs for top up cash, catch up with folk etc The main focus of my/our possibly incessant questions will likely be based around practical aspects of Caravans and finding out how to do all this as cheaply as possible. ie good go to insurers, where/how to find cheapest pitches, how to get cheapest ferry crossings, how to get enough solar to avoid needing hook up pitches etc etc. We are very good already at budgeting for things like food and we do not drink or smoke and our interests Chess (me) Sewing (the better half) Foraging, Star gazing, Nature watching, Walking and Lake Swimming (both of us) are all free. Getting from a to b as cheaply as possible and making A and B as cheap as possible are the main thrust of what we need to master.
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