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  1. Thank you for your advice, luckily for me other contributors have been more helpful.
  2. Hi, travelling back north at weekend. Looking for a dog walk& refuel stop. Gloucester Services looks good for a stop but the petrol station looks not to be a drive through. But a left turn to pumps then you are facing a wall necessitating a sharp right to get out. Anyone let me know if it is as tight as Google makes it look. Towing an 8” wide caravan, thanks John
  3. So looks like the handbrake stays on. If there is a problem at end of season with it stick, just have to deal with it then
  4. Unfortunately the pitch is certainly not level, the jockey wheel is almost at maximum drop to achieve front & back levelling. That is a good point, I could raise the steadies when it is unoccupied in case of an air bag fail As it is a twin axle and I have Alko wheel locks the lock n level are needed to get the locks on. Can’t jack it as motor mover in the way
  5. We have put our caravan on a pitch from July - end September. It is a twin axle and one side is on Lock n Level air bags, the other has 2 chocks per wheel. The question I have regards whether to leave the handbrake on or off? I have heard that they can stick and when coming to move it at end of season could be a problem. What do other caravaners who use seasonal pitches do and what if any problems have they had. thanks John
  6. Meant to update 😬. we picked up the caravan 19th July and went away Saturday 20th, couldn’t have cut it much closer.
  7. The news just keeps getting worse 😱 We have already had issues with the dealer as I didn’t feel my business was being appreciated. However that was all smoothed over and were told they never have delays !
  8. The caravan may arrive before weekend, it is not knowing that is the problem / annoyance. We have asked for additions on caravan so a stock one not an option. Never thought about a loan 🤔
  9. We were due to collect a new Compass Casita on Saturday 13th July, however received an email from dealer saying it had failed final inspection at factory due to shortages. I have asked exactly what the shortages were and have been told they are related to “soft furnishings”. Dealer cannot get a new delivery date from Elddis so I have emailed them myself. Have leave booked for next week so need to know will we have a caravan or to make alternative arrangements. Has anyone else had such an issue .
  10. Put your phone behind caravan turn on video, back to car do lights stuff, come back review video. Or just ask someone
  11. It is a 2006 TD5 90, checked on Towcar info and with the dealer both say it will be ok. Appreciate the comments on taking it easy, that will definitely be the case 😉. I passed my driving test over 35 years ago. I am going to have a motor mover fitted do not fancy trying to reverse it onto a pitch. Thinking of a Powrtouch Evolution, I have read on the site that although caravan a twin axle a single axle mover will be fine.? I will have a roof box to keep 75kg of stuff and will have my tool box and dogs in the back. Should help with the weight distribution between both. Appreciate all the com
  12. Thanks, when you know you know, when you don’t you don’t.
  13. Hi, I am new to caravans, expecting to pick up my first one a Compass Casita 840 in July. When looking at making a site booking the dimensions of the caravan are needed. What I am doing sure about is what length to quote? The brochure says the caravan is 6.95m Exterior Body Length, however Shipping Length is 8.05m (assume this includes the A Frame?) . So for site booking purposes what is the length of my caravan. Apologies if this is a silly question but have looked and cannot find an answer on-line. Don’t want to turn up at a site and be told I have given incorrect figures. Thanks John 😀
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