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  1. It is a 2006 TD5 90, checked on Towcar info and with the dealer both say it will be ok. Appreciate the comments on taking it easy, that will definitely be the case 😉. I passed my driving test over 35 years ago. I am going to have a motor mover fitted do not fancy trying to reverse it onto a pitch. Thinking of a Powrtouch Evolution, I have read on the site that although caravan a twin axle a single axle mover will be fine.? I will have a roof box to keep 75kg of stuff and will have my tool box and dogs in the back. Should help with the weight distribution between both. Appreciate all the comments, advice and welcomes. Think I have found a really good source of help on this site. You will all be fed up with my questions soon 😀
  2. Thanks, when you know you know, when you don’t you don’t.
  3. Hi, I am new to caravans, expecting to pick up my first one a Compass Casita 840 in July. When looking at making a site booking the dimensions of the caravan are needed. What I am doing sure about is what length to quote? The brochure says the caravan is 6.95m Exterior Body Length, however Shipping Length is 8.05m (assume this includes the A Frame?) . So for site booking purposes what is the length of my caravan. Apologies if this is a silly question but have looked and cannot find an answer on-line. Don’t want to turn up at a site and be told I have given incorrect figures. Thanks John 😀
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