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    Butane will last longer as you get more mass in the same size bottle (and for the same cost) and you get more energy per gram, but you should go for propane if it is likely to be very cold (below freezing) as butane will just stay put as a liquid.
  2. Thanks Pete. It sounds like I identified all the same stuff as you. Maybe Freedoms of that vintage don't have the circuit for charging the battery and using the habitation lights from the car electrics? Anyway, I wired it up as best I could and have now sold it back to Freedom in Stafford for 70% of what I paid them for it new 10 years ago. I used a bit of that money to buy my brothers bigger van from him. It was a lovely little van though, I felt sad as I drove off.
  3. Thanks, that's reassuring.
  4. There is a hole (about 1cm diameter) in the white outer plastic shell of the rear panel of my 1999 Avondale Dart on the almost horizontal upward facing surface above the number plate. I can see the intact GRP material underneath it. I poked it with my finger in and more shell crumbled away. I haveput a bit of tape over it for now. Do I need to fix it? Is there a potential for water ingress? Any suggestions for the best way to permanently fix it?
  5. If you are happy with a small caravan then Freedom caravans are leak proof.
  6. Thanks everyone. Should the 12v continuous circuit work the lights regardless of whether the caravan leisure battery is connected?
  7. Thanks Lutz- That provides some reassurance, that I have identified some of my cables correctly. I am still unsure about what to do with the presumed cables for pins 9 and 13 though. Anyone have any thoughts?
  8. When I bought my Freedom Sunseeker brand new in early 2010 I removed the 13 pin plug and replaced it with a 7 pin to tow with my existing electrics. I am getting 13 pin electrics on my new car and am having difficulty working out which wire is which as the colours are different from any diagrams I have found. The road lights seem standard but I have had to try to work the others out. I think that I have found the fridge (brown and red) and fridge return (thick black and white) cable by connecting a car battery to the most likely candidates and seeing it come on (when I flick the red switch on the fridge with a picture of a battery on it- I assume this wouldn't work with the leisure battery disconnected and the continuous 12v circuit but not the fridge circuit powered?). There are two cables left. I suspect that the thinner white one must be the return for continuous 12v power and the remaining 2-tone (I cant remember what colours now) wire the supply for 12v continuous power, but when those two are connected to the battery nothing comes on (surely the interior lights should work?) and there is a spark, perhaps suggesting a short circuit or a big draw? So, firstly, please could someone with a similar caravan tell me which wire is which and , secondly, do you think I should just tape up the presumed 12v continuous wires and leave them disconnected or might that cause problems elsewhere?
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