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  1. Fair point about the battery, maybe invest in a solar charger? Sounds like the distance would be doable though!
  2. Thanks all... basically the situation is that our van is stored on a club site lockup - the MiL likes to book in and use the site, so I go up and tow it out of storage onto a pitch, often less than 50m - was wondering if she could use the MM to do it herself?! Guess the only way would be to give it a go...
  3. How far could I expect to move caravan using motor mover? A few feet/meters? 50m? 100m? More?
  4. the pre-cut aperture in our adria adora is too big for the single DIN jvc stereo i kept from an old car, is there a specific cage mount that will resolve this?
  5. thanks for the replies everyone, glad I have got my head round it correctly... Lost in the wilderness... cheers! any particular car/van combination suggestions? The caravans we are looking at come in at around 1400kg SeaDog - maybe in the future! I have no doubt it would be enlightening.. WispMan, I hadn't considered upgrading to the 1.9 diesel zafira, what is the MAM of that and relative towing capacity?
  6. hello all - we are looking for our first caravan and i am trying to get my head around the legal side of things! we have a 1.6 zafira 2002 comfort which can pull 1100kg, but we need a 4-berth van so the pickings seem rather slim we could upgrade our car but problem is, my license only permits 3500kg we could get a good price on an insignia right now but it has a MAM of 2310kg which restricts me to 1190kg anyway! even though it can tow 1600kg unless i am confusing things? please help
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