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  1. It's the mcb that's tripping out, the rcd is fine as is the other mcb, it trips as soon as its switched on, it just works the water heater and charger It's a 2009 ranger series 6 520/4 if that helps any.
  2. I'm quite new to the caravaning game, so apologies for the silly questions,, but, what's the likelihood of it just being the mcb rather than the charger or heating element, and is it easy enough to isolate the charger or heater
  3. After some advice please, we have just bought a new to us bailey ranger series 6,,the issue we have is that the mcb for the water heater/charger keeps tripping, I have spoken with 2 different people and they have given conflicting information,, any help would be much appreciated, many thanks in advance
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