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  1. I bought a 2016 Hymer Nova 580 caravan this year. It is in very good condition as you might expect. However, en route in Deeside Scotland something happened to the bathroom sliding door. I believe I had it shut/locked and the twisting roads in Scotland must have unlatched it (latching mechanism not great). At any rate, when I arrived on site, I discovered the door closed and 'stuck', the handle broken, and when I eventually managed to open the door the back runner hinge was also broken and lying on the floor. I have managed to locate a hinge (eku clipo 15, I believe) but don’t know the ha
  2. Hi


    just read your articles on Du Letty Benodet.  I very much enjoyed them.  Not least because your history seems to parallel ours.  We went to do Letty regularly during the late 80,s and 90's when our son was growing up.  We had many good holidays there with some friends.


    interestingly we revisited just a year ago (40th wedding anniversary nostalgia).  This time our grandson was there too with his parents (their 10th anniversary).  The changes were good... the new pool complex etc... but the price was greatly hiked... and we weren’t on premium pitches.


    i notice you went to church while there.  We didn’t but our Christian Faith is central to our lives.


    interestingly, our first holiday as a married couple, our honeymoon, was in Criccieth.


    Keep writing.


    john (Thomson)

  3. Hi we have a new-to-us two year old Hymer Nova 580. It has squeaky beds. It seems to me to be the metal frame supporting the slatted bed base that is the problem. I have tried some silicone grease at the joints. It has perhaps helped a little, however, mainly it seems just lowered to squeak tone a bit. Does anyone else else have a similar problem? Has anyone any suggestions.
  4. Hi


    Me again.  We have an Alko wheel lock fitted. Unfortunately, while the receiver is still there, apparently the Alko wheel lock went missing at the dealers.  No one seemed to know the lock number.  


    I assume all all of these vans will have the same number lock.  Maybe a poor assumption.  Could you tell me your lock number and I may be able to get one.



  5. We have the same arrangement. It’s too early to say how good a system it will be but we like the divide. Curtain seems robust. We seem to have less magnets in the door than on the curtain 3:5. Ive not looked yet but assumed these were stuck-on magnets. You say, however, they are recessed. I’ll check ours. if stuck on I thought of buying some from eBay.
  6. Hi

    I'm new to site and to a Hyper Nova 580 GL.  I read your review and found it helpful.  I agree with most if not all of it. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions.


    Do your beds creak?  


    It seems to me the metal frame frame is not as firmly anchored as it should be.  It is from it and the connection to the far side trunking that I think the squeaks come.  I’ve tried putting silicone grease on it.  It has helped a bit but it mainly just deepens the tone of the squeak.


    We find the plywood base of one of the seats collapses.  It slips off the ledge on which it should rest.


    A good van but some niggles as you say.  Thanks for your review.

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