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  1. Both cars and caravans, I am inclined to change as and when they start to let me down and/or cost money for annoying faults. Have to say the current van we have, never lets us down, has fixed central bed and everything we need so why change ?, if I do, the new van would only do the same, hook on the back of the car, provide living and sleeping facility and so on, so what is the difference?. As someone else mentioned, if it ain't broke, don't fix it !. Cheers Mike R.
  2. A slightly "different" thread to the normal here . The only thought that occurs to me is, just suppose the owner of one of these vans turns up while some stranger is taking photos of his van, he could just get a little "peed" off and ask what the hell you were doing !!?? . Might take a little explaining . I have to say that I don't think it a very good idea taking piccies through the window of someone else's van. I know I might not be too chuffed at someone "snapping" my van and it's interior . Just my thoughts . Cheers Mike R.
  3. You will find a Jeep Cherokee takes some beating, I have had four of them, various models, over a number of years and never had a problem. Cheers Mike R.
  4. michael r


    Further to my earlier posts on this thread, in my opinion, the number of. ....on the roads nowadays seems to be dramatically on the increase, just another factor that can make towing today, a not always pleasant experience. I watched one of the police documentaries last evening, and the numbers of drivers that are on the road with not even a provisional licence, and of course, no insurance, was in the thousands . Great if one of these clouts your pride and joy, who pays??, Ok he gets done, but you are still the one with a big bill, or big claim on your insurance. Food for thought !!. Cheers Mike R.
  5. Hi, try Stowmarket Caravans, don't have contact info, but they are on the "net" Cheers, Mike R.
  6. Always worth knowing, distance or not !!, and I do like a dark ale !. Cheers Mike R
  7. Have to confess to being a confirmed Bourbon man myself, plus real ales . Cheers Mike R
  8. I always thought "Craft" was spelt Kraft, in the case of the food company ??? Cheers Mike R
  9. Hi, just as an update to my earlier post, Black Lion Caravan Park are currently charging £1100 for a seasonal pitch, which is from 1st April to the end of September, and then £150 for winter storage, these are final figures, no VAT, and I believe you can leave the van on your seasonal plot for the winter period, so saves a lot of messing about moving it to wherever . Hope this helps, There is a website you can view . Cheers Mike R.
  10. Hi, Black Lion Caravan Park at Cross Hands, near Carmarthen, Wales have seasonal pitches, also storage facility, and not hugely expensive . You are within reach of a number of coastal locations, Tenby ( very nice) plus others . Not a huge distance to travel if you plan your route strategically. Cheers Mikw R.
  11. We've been on more than one CL which were on a farm, and were asked to put waste water into the hedgerow, can't see the harm in it. Cheers Mike R.
  12. That Hobby might be just what the OP is looking for, well spotted !. I wish him luck at any rate, in whatever he does. Cheers Mike R.
  13. michael r


    There are some valid points here, but it is not always too much doom or gloom . Where we have our static ,(Shropshire) is a very nice, tidy, well kept site . Annual fees are £1700 p. a, including water, then there is "leccy" ( metered ) , and gas cylinders as required, we also pay £50 a year for the grass to be kept cut, and it really is almost like a bowling green !. Again, on this site, there is no "age limit" on the units, just a requirement to keep them clean and tidy looking. The site, which is in a lovely location near to Ludlow, closes for one month only a year . All in all, a good set-up. Cheers Mike R. BTW CD, I note you have an interest in traction engines, right part of the map for the "GDSF" too, also, my Dad used to drive several Burrell Scenics many years ago, having been a West Country showman. Mike R.
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