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  1. I would go for the caravan that best suits your needs. Single axles make manoeuvring in tight situations easier than a twin axle, you just have to have more patience and time if trying to do the same with a twin axle and a single mover, I cant vouch for a four wheel mover. We are on our second twin axle as the layout gave us what we needed which we couldn't find in a single axle and have thus far had no major issues. We stayed at Sandford in Poole last year which provided us with the worst challenge to turn the Van around , very tight and did need the neighbours to move the cars. Managed a full 180 in the end with plenty of tooing and froing. The worst part was when hitting a dip and losing traction but managed to get round this with a little more shunting and a few expletives . As a general rule of thumb for me I aim to reverse as best I can into the pitch and rely on the mover afterwards if needed, I would still do the same with a single axle.
  2. I had considered the Jag XF but the light nose weight limit does put me off. I don't think the twin axle will move that much but I'm going to have a play tomorrow to see how much I can move the weight around. If I can get it close to the 84 kg without much moving I think I will then have a bit more confidence in looking at the CLS shooting brake. I agree, options are limited when looking at a heavy car that offers good mpg, it's a dilemma but we all love a challenge Thanks for all your replies so far, it is appreciated and look forward to some more opinions. HarpsterG.
  3. I tow my 2014 Lunar Delta Ti (1690Kg & 90Kg nose weight) with a 2013 Santa Fe, no problems towing, it pulls it beautifully. I am however considering changing to something that is more economical as my daily commute accounts for 90% of my driving, generally urban. I am thinking about an estate car (2014 or 2015) as I don't really need 7 seats anymore and our golden Lab cant get in the boot of the Santa Fe so a lower car may suit her better. Due to the weight of the Van the choice is limited and I do really like the look of the Mercedes shooting break but I have one question......cue hand to face and oh no not again.....nose weight. The car advises a Maximum nose weight of 84kg from what I have found but the caravan is 90Kg....is this such an issue? is the 84Kg just calculated as 4% of its 2100Kg tow weight? I did check my caravan last year and it was at 90kg. It is a twin axle and the weight doesn't move that much by moving stuff around and I'm not going to weigh up the back as i don't think it lends to stable towing. I get confused as the most logical answer is that the van/car combination is not suitable but I often see many car/van combinations on the roads that I know shouldn't be towing the caravan if they stick to the "rules/ guidelines". Caravan dealers I have dealt with never mention nose weight, I can pretty much guess they just review car towing capacity against van weight, probably maximum train weight too and if all is OK then off you trot. From experience I had a Peugeot 508SW (75Kg) and towed by Sprite Quattro (90Kg) out of the dealership having only checked tow capacity. Only as I gained a little experience did I look into this a little more and changed the car which was a shame as it had a great engine, nice and quiet, getting 60 mpg from west midlands to North Devon and 31mpg towing. Other options are the BMW 5 series Tourer or E-class whilst Mondeo and Passat look a little light. Any thoughts would be appreciated
  4. My daughters have been sick in every car we towed with, normally just as were arriving. Thought it may have been better with the Santa fe having self leveling suspension but still they get travel sick Good luck on your search for a car, i'm currently considering a CLS shooting break, E-Class estate or 525D tourer. I have towed my Delta with a Sorento GT-Line which was loaned for a week whilst my Sante Fe underwent some warranty work and it was fabulous, but just to big and thirsty for my daily commute.....the search continues...........
  5. Just wished to say hello and looking forward to using the site. Have been caravanning now for 7 years working my way up to a more modern caravan. First was a 1997 ABI Jubilee Viceroy followed 3 years later by a 2006 Sprite Firebrand 590, a dealer special of a quattro and now on our 2014 Lunar Delta Ti. Currently towing with a 2013 Santa Fe which I am considering a move to a heavy estate car but a little indecisive as the Santa Fe makes a really comfortable car for towing just not great for my daily work commute. Any ideas would helpful bearing in mind laden weight of my lunar is 1690kg. Cheers
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