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  1. Found a dealer in N.Ireland who has what I need. THANKS!!
  2. Haven't yet... any breakers that stand out as a 'go-to' rather than calling around half the country? Thanks Geoff
  3. Thanks guys. BTW - the seller has placed the steadies on Ebay, so now, sadly, I am in a bidding war. Does anyone know where I could find quality-used steadies online? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys I still need to replace the corner steadies on my wife's 2ton food trailer. I cannot see any inscribing to help me on the part. And the trailer is a custom. I have found a seller offering 2 x Alko 205 817 & 2 x Alko 267 265 taken from a 2016 Bailey Valencia - https://www.alko-tech.com/sites/default/files/uploaded_files/EN/499668_htk-caravan_12-2018_en.pdf Would these be sufficient?
  5. Sorento pre 2010; auto or manual? and I live in N.Ireland. I've spotted quite a few topline 'Titan' specs at great money on mainland UK. But I'm nervous at buying from a distance. Has anyone any tips in the purchasing process from a-far? If I'm sure the car is first class, don't mind jumping on a plane and driving it home. Buts it the initial stages. Dont want to waste my time travelling over for a lemon. THANKS!
  6. I took a snap to show you the jacks that I want to replace. They are welded on to front right and left of rectangular food trailer. see HERE On inspection again this AM, I notice that they are not scissor jacks, strictly speaking, but more 'support legs'. So a quick Googly search landed on this product > https://www.olearymotorhomes.co.uk/alko-support-leg-1310-p.asp But I cannot find any details about the product Am I right in thinking that the wheel chocks primarily stabilise in conjunction with the rear drop down support legs and front legs? Thanks
  7. A friend who has towed at all levels stopped me for a chat on Saturday and heard me out. He said to consider a VW Transporter with the heavier engine, 2.4L/TDi to get the required horse power to handle a 2 tonne braked trailer, AND to handle family run arounds about town. At the risk of flogging this subject to death, has anyone any comments on this direction? THANKS guys. I really appreciate the wisdom and help on here. ~FD
  8. Thanks Andy. There are two stabilising jacks attached to each side of the front of the trailer that I need to replace - to let down when parking up. Yes, a food trailer!
  9. Anyone know a reasonably priced source in UK to purchase a set that will support a 2000kg trailer? All sources appear to be selling from the US? TA!
  10. Got a soft spot for Pathfinders. Anyone got advice on finding one with a sound/treated chassis? Seems like apart from this, they are good. Great Ian, and thanks for replying. My max budget is between £7k-8k so 65 plate is too much, but I LOVE them.
  11. Thanks for this. Passed my B+E a few weeks ago and I have been getting commercial insurance quotes to be sure of this change.
  12. Thanks Ian. What year do you own? Haven't thought of Merc, but thanks. I suppose I will look at conversion specialists to get a fuller idea then. Thanks! Is it 'thirsty'? I'm curious as to which Touareg has the most economical, and/or even best all round engine.
  13. Just for the record, I got the trailer weighed and it's 2000kg! My poor CRV was MAXXED out. I really don't want to destroy it, so changing vehicle has become more of a reality. I like muscular Nissan Pathfinders, but the well documented chassis issues terrify me. As do any pick-up 4x4's mpg. So I am back to thinking about something like a Touareg/Rexton/Sorento. Any buying tips welcome, and which would pull my beastly trailer best! Thanks friends. FD
  14. Hmm. Never thought about this. Thanks Dave.
  15. Guys; Slight curveball. But has anyone any experience with towing with a camper van? Wife noticed VW Californias with a 2300 kerb weight and 2.5k tow capacity. The reason I ask -- even though its way above budget -- is that this may save on accomodation and open new business options for taking her food trailer. There's probably other/better campervans options, but Californias look good. Other ideas welcome. Be gentle
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