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  1. Anyone know of a Hobby caravan breakers, in the UK? I really need a window and roof light.
  2. Thanks all I am still looking but no news at this moment in time.
  3. On my trip back from Newquey this weekend I am sorry to say that I lost my front skylight window on the M5 motorway so now I need to be looking for a new or used one to try and replace it I am looking for the front roof skylight window for my 2005 Hobby Prestige Caravan 560UFE or if anyone can help me out with the skylight size that would be a great help.
  4. Thanks, Lee can I take you up on the offer of your old window could you email me at tomhailing@hotmail.com
  5. Lee Cole in mm the size is 890mm x 510mm. Thanks for the offer of your old window I would be happy to accept it, as it has to be much better than the one I have, and cannot sort another one at this moment in time could you message me on tomhailing@hotmail.com thanks, Tom.
  6. Thanks but no luck at the moment.
  7. I am looking for a window for my 2005 Hobby Prestige Caravan 560UFE it is the one rear of the door on the left-hand side above the water tank looking from the tow hitch at the front of the van. The measurement of the window is 37inches X 22 and a half inches. ! 8
  8. Hobby prestige 560ufe used windows. I am looking for a Hobby caravan breakers for a side window, rear of caravan door.
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