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  1. I’ve bought a Dorema Dakota Lux today, does anyone have a copy of a frame diagram please
  2. I’m going over to the storage tomorrow so can take a pic, it says boiler pump I’m pretty sure.
  3. First question is in caravan water section
  4. Hi again, I used to be on the forum a while back but drifted away. I’ve now got some questions so here I am again
  5. We’ve just been away for a week, on setting up I connected the water pump and nothing worked. On the panel on the caravan it said it couldn’t connect to the water heater. I found a blown 5 amp fuse for boiler pump. I replaced the fuse but when I connected to the pump it blew again. Could the u/s pump cause the control panel not to connect?
  6. Pulled the van (Bailey Pegasus GT65 Ancona), down to Devon and back from Altrincham. Managed 31mpg average in 6th gear on cruise con, well pleased with it
  7. Tomorrow hurry up, holibobs here we come
  8. Bought my Korando from Barkers. Great dealers
  9. Mrs C keeps finding things, today she found ECO mode on the cruise control switch 👀
  10. I've a small button with a red led on the steering column, any ideas what it is?
  11. 03 kia Sorento, it was a great tow car but a big heavy ***** solo
  12. We picked the car up yesterday and are really pleased with it. Can't wait to get the caravan on and see how it performs
  13. Yep it's got a full size alloy
  14. Not a bad bit of advice there Townie. It's going to be great to have ATC functioning properly at last
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