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  1. The Tig Handbook recommends towing at as near 100kg noseweight as possible and I set the tyre pressures at maximum load [2.3 Bar Front and 2.5 or 2.6 Bar Rear]. To get to the noseweight, I carry my toolbox and 10 Litres of Adblue in the front box plus about 3 years' supply of toilet chemical and there's still a tendency for the caravan to sit with its nose in the air. I tow only a Folding Caravan so cannot really give a valid opinion, but the trailer control system is very good and I can feel it making adjustments when cross winds are at play. Our Tig is a 16 plate 2.0TDi 150BHP and the V5 records Mass in Service at 1588kg.My only grumble with the car is the 'Park Pilot' that goes hyper and automatically applies brakes when less than about 2 feet from walls or plants etc. Given that I have to reverse out of a service road around a tight bend at our French hovel, the manoeuvre takes about 5 minutes, mostly swearing at the system and repeatedly turning it off, since it automatically re-engages every time you select reverse gear. Steve
  2. Remoska AND a Slow Cooker for us this year! Mind you, space is at a premium in A Folding Caravan, and, at our first C&CC Rally in March, in Scotland [so no awning!], I managed to place the Remoska too close to the toaster; I can now undertake a visual inspection of the 'Cool Wall' on this appliance . The following week, I fitted 2 extra sockets to avoid a repeat of the problem! Some food prices have risen in France; others [including chocolate] are a lot cheaper than in UK. Twin packs of L'Or Ground Coffee [and they're 2 x 250g, not 227g] have been on offer at €5.64 for all of 2019, so [just] less than £5, whereas Morrisons have 2 x 227g packs on Special Offer at £6. Anyway, despite higher prices, no more cheap diesel et al, we enjoy being in France, and, as Frank Bullet says, it instantly feels like home. I have more of my life behind me than I have ahead of me, so I intend to enjoy what's left, smile sweetly, and hand over the credit card. It's what they were designed for... Steve
  3. Quickest way to get information is to telephone Gobur on 01263 860031 and ask for Richard Moss or Steve. They may be able to provide a copy of the handbook [it's just a Word document with good, basic details, no fancy photos or line drawings, apart from the wiring schematic diagram]. We bought a 2008 Carousel 12/2T in late August 2018 direct from Gobur but I don't know whether specifications changed over the years. Steve
  4. If one town/city decides that pollution levels are too high, the Crit-Air criteria automatically apply across the entire Department. This makes sense, because the alternative of having to change traffic info at each city boundary, especially where departmental roads don't have overhead gantries or similar to display information 'on the fly', would be chaotic. Steve
  5. We use autoroutes to travel from Dieppe to our hovel in the Vendee; 324 miles and the tolls appear on our credit card statement at a tad over £37 [travelling 3 weeks ago yesterday], or about €45. We have a folding caravan so we do enjoy the same tariff as a solo car, but the cost is worth it to us for the quiet stretches of peaceful driving and consequent improved fuel economy. But, you pays your money [or use the N Roads and don't ] and takes your choice ... Steve
  6. We have no intention of trying to sell our French hovel, or of trying/expecting to make a profit on the renovated product. We try to spend between 3 and 5 months in France each year and, having bought our first caravan in late August 2018, we combine a wee bit of work on the house with a couple of breaks on camping municipal sites [Montoire sur le Loire; Chauvigny; Montmorillon; Amboise; Beaumont sur Sarthe on the way back to the ferry, plus others as we stumble across them.]. Last year, we also managed to spend about 9 weeks from early December to early February in Spain; first time venture, and we had a great time. Hoping to get nearer to 6 months in Spain this time round, but we also have a Baltic cruise in mid-August [seemed a good idea when we booked 18 months ago ...]. The cruise finishes in Le Havre before staggering back into Southampton, at which point we shall drive back to Scotland, sort out the laundry, and then drive back to Newhaven with the caravan for our winter break in France & Spain. Fitting GP/Dentist/opticians appointments and car MOT/servicing around this plan is quite challenging . Steve
  7. Andy, Mrs Marchie and I are in France at present [signed the devis yesterday to have the house ventilation system installed after we over insulated the hovel and have had problems with condensation - hey ho! Another €800 travels west ...]. We called in at the local supermarket for the weekly shopping and bumped into a female Essex expat who went into great detail about how she detests the French and France; she was being serious, too! Utterly bizarre. Mind you, she did quote Nigel Farage's own quote about how the UK must move to an insurance based Health care system verbatim ... Steve
  8. At 24p per KWh + VAT, you'll need to shed your own light ... Is there the Standing Charge on top of this? Our leccy deal at home is about to expire, and, no surprise, the price is going to rise, yet again. But the daily Standing Charge is somewhere in the region of 32p per day whilst the KWh charge is just shy of 14p. In our case, the Standing Charge will be almost 50% of our total electricity bill and it has risen 2.5p per day [or over 20% ...]. Steve
  9. Would the amazing towing capacity of the HiLux be more suited to towing trailers such as yours with the generator where the open trailer has less wind resistance than the 'white box' that is a caravan? My Tiguan has a maximum towing capacity of 2000kg but Mass in Service of 1588kg; if Tig were to tow at or near its maximum, it would be pulling my general trailer with yet more gravel or sand, rather than towing a pristine 2000kg caravan that would pose more problems for the car's [safe and comfortable] towing capacity. I tow only a folding caravan with MTPLM of 1050kg so I know I'm being very conservative! Steve
  10. Perhaps for those who overwinter/spend winter in Spain, the Pajero is aptly named; you 'go' out on the outward leg from the UK and use the verb that describes the opposite motion for the return journey ... Steve [treading carefully]
  11. Rhino Cerisse and Turk Wars style of thing? Steve We have a Gobur Folding Caravan. Living in Scotland, it was always going to be 'Wee Gobby' ... Its tow mate is Tig, a VW Tiguan. Gobby and Tig are inseparable - well, as long as the Breakaway Cable works ... Steve
  12. Newhaven to Dieppe overnight ferry, arriving about 0530 CET, get clear of Rouen just before my eyeballs begin to hang out then Le Mans, Alencon ,Angers and onwards to the Vendee. There is a lovely Camping Municipal at Beaumont sur Sarthe if travelling further afield and within easy reach of the autoroute. €11 or so for car, caravan + 2 adults and 6 amp EHU [€3.80 supplement for 10 amp supply - or buy a Remoska + Slow Cooker, or eat out if you're not on a diet!]. Steve
  13. Me, too. The fuel economy improves with virtually empty autoroutes and there's much less driving 'work' to do. Just hold concentration, switch on cruise control, and relax into the drive. Specially for you, John. As I type this, Mrs Marchie is preparing my breakfast porridge [from the stock carried out from Scotland!], to set me up for another day's work laying the edging stones for the soon-to-be completed car and caravan parking space at our French hovel! Autoroute tolls may be expensive, but other costs are much lower. Last time I checked in B&Q, 25kg bags of stone chippings [and they were very small runt sizes!] were about £8.95. I've been buying 270kg trailer loads of larger stones for €11.33 in total - just under £10 for the entire load - from our local Builders Merchant. Steve We travel from Dieppe to the Vendee using autoroute all the way. Costs at the end of April were about €60 and the extra time saving cuts out the need for an extra stop en route. 2-3 sleep at Alencon to top up the overnight ferry doze of 4 hours or so and that's us in our hovel after 324 miles tarvel from Dieppe. Steve
  14. Andy, saw your post as I pressed the 'Submit Reply' button - doh! We tried Chaumont in 2016 when we had a Raclet Solena Trailer Tent ['Pram hood' type. so needs a very flat pitch ...] - lots of pitches, but none with a flat enough surface! So, we pushed on to Amboise and stayed at L'Isle D'Or, which is both beautiful and very cheap! Probably head there again in the next 2 weeks or so, or may return to Montoire sur Le Loire, or Chauvigny or Montmorillon. All are Camping Municipals and within walking distance of mediaeval town centres; very relaxing and uncommercial! Would your red wine be a St Hilaire/St Florent? Steve
  15. Holland is flat? Does that mean the letter inviting me for an interview for the post of Head of the Royal Dutch Netherlands Mountain Rescue Service is a scam? I did wonder when I was advised to send €1500 to a PO Box in Lagos to expedite my application ... . Where in the Loire are you aiming for? We've been at our hovel in inland Vendee, about 1.75 hours south of Angers/Saumu, for a little over a fortnight now- just about regained control of what we laughingly refer to as the garden, repaired the damage done by the neighbour's goat to the well in the garden, and am entering the final stages of making a turning space/parking area for the Folding Caravan. My concrete mixer has been whirling like a dervish today! Steve
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