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  1. 'Chelsea tractors, nearest they come to offroad is when they park 2 wheels on the path outside the School gates ..' style of thing? Steve
  2. 'Eccent?.What Eccent? It's just Effrikaans, man' .... Steve [searching for a roadside robot, but finding only traffic lights ...]
  3. I worked with 2 female colleagues, one a very keen walker/hiker Glaswegian, the other a more reserved/squeamish lady who volunteered one day, that she would never use the staff toilets for a 'you know, [blushing], number 2 ...' [her voice by this stage, was barely audible]. Ann, the Glaswegian, delighted in the chance to describe in detail the toilet arrangements for when hiking/walking and how, when she walked the West Highland Way, it was necessary to make compromises/innovations to minimise the amount of kit you have to carry. 'Well, take your knickers for example [Marie was blushing furiou
  4. The smoke detector just give an extra 10 seconds notice that dinner is ready. Just enough time to stop the running repairs and get back into the caravan, ready to eat, sans SWMBO summons ... I did tell Mrs Marchie that SWMBO stands for 'Steve who must be obeyed' but she disagreed. She also confused the words 'assert' and 'insert', but it kept the A&E staff amused Steve
  5. British Forces Germany? Just guessing, but waiting to see if Borussia awards me the £100 Premium Bond first prize for the competition ... I cope well with disappointment, but so to does Mrs Marchie ... Steve
  6. We used the Clent Hills C&CC site for 1 night on the way to France in late April; and for 2 nights on the return up to Scotland in late July. No problems [other than a dog walker and cat walker exercising their animals across the back of the pitch, but the Wardens arrived about 5 minutes later, unbidden, and cleaned up. Site facilities are spotless, it is in a lovely location and it's a very pleasant place to stay. A wee bit pricey, at around £25 per night net of Age Concession discount, but still decent value for money. Site Wardens are very friendly and helpful, and did allow us to chang
  7. 'Twas me who started the 'bad service' element of the thread, although I did say at the outset that good customer service is something to enjoy. It is really nice to receive quality service and to be able to finish with a 'Thanks for all your help, it's been a pleasure ...' [or similar] sign off. So, good on Milenco! Steve
  8. Or, to describe matters more bluntly, these customers are heading steadily, but inexorably towards biodegradability, calling at incontinence and failing joints and other interim stations. Steve
  9. We're planning on taking Gobby the Gobur Folding Caravan to France and Spain again, after the inaugural visit last Winter. It will be a bijou, pied a terre experience, but the 3am trip to the loo is only 1.5 steps each way, and I hope that the weather will be good enough to use the awning without dismantling it when the heavy winds are forecast, otherwise 'cosy' is redefined as breathing in turn ... There are advantages and disadvantages [very good mpg, very low ferry fares because Gobby is a large trailer rather than a caravan, courtesy of DFDS v. cosy living, restricted amounts of works
  10. And, 'What a day, what a great day, for taking off your trousers, standing upside down in the shower, and shouting 'how's that for a bidet?' ...' 'They can't touch you for it, but some of us wish they could ...' RIP Doddy. Steve
  11. Not if you kill them and have them prepared by a taxidermist. Just remember to specify that you don't want them mounted; holding hands will suffice. And clock movements can be had on the internet for about £5 ... Steve
  12. Update: Someone posting BTL in the 'Politics Live' Blog says his car was searched, and his animals checked [no more details provided in the post] when he sailed on the Cairnryan crossing last weekend. Steve
  13. UK and Ireland have the 'Common Travel Area' agreement which pre-dated Shengen et al, I believe. There are obviously special sensitivities around the GFA etc and I suspect that the EU may have turned a blind eye to the dog checking, not least because of the practical difficulties of ascertaining whether the dog is destined for the North or South. UK becomes a standard 3rd country after 31st October [current timetable ...], and the thorny issue of the sanitary and phytosanitary checks and the Irish Backstop connection may come into play. Perhaps matters will become clearer shortly. We can
  14. My 2013 3008 115bhp 1.6Hdi had a 1090kg max braked towing limit. Even towing a 1050kg MTPLM Gobur Folding caravan made it cough and wheeze, blowing Number 1 injector on the return journey from its maiden voyage to France on my 65th birthday last year. 'Happy birthday, darling, I couldn't think what to get you so I hope you like the new injector...' Steve
  15. Our Dieppe to Newhaven crossing, with our Gobur Folding Caravan on 19th July was searched. Had to open Gobby up in case a 30kg 60cm tall dwarf with a chest cavity of 15 cms maximum had stowed away ... There is virtually no space once the caravan is folded, [just one footprint to get inside the door, and the remaining space is on top of the sink unit, hence 60cm x 15cm, and I'm not too sure about the 30kg weight limit!]. Steve
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