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  1. I would be looking at the connection(s) between the control box(es) and your battery in the first instance - especially as it seems to work if you by-pass the battery and wiring with jump leads. Check all connections are tight - and clean. The only time I had a problem with our previous Powrtouch was when one of the bolts on a connection stud had worked loose. Even though it was still connected, the less than perfect connection was enough for the voltage to drop below the critical level.
  2. That bit - that I highlighted in the quote. The standard car has a 600 or 650w cooling fan.
  3. Not true - the factory fitted towbar option includes the upgraded 850w cooling fan as part of the package - which VW says should be fitted if anything is to be towed. Both my supplying dealer and a local Bosch service centre checked with VW before I bought mine and they stated that any subsequent towing-related warranty problems would be invalidated if the upgraded fan hadn't been fitted. Since I wasn't prepared to take the risk when I bought mine and was being asked to pay almost an additional £1000 on top of the £1200 for the towbar, I argued that since the Treg was advertised with a to
  4. Being retired, we are away in the van all year round (in normal times) and have at least a week away, every month - including Christmas. I don't think we've had Christmas at home for at least the last 7 years. I booked Sandringham CMC site months ago on the basis that I expected a particularly high demand, this Christmas. Whether or not we get to go is very much in the lap of the gods - and Boris!
  5. After owning it for 3 years, I finally got round to taking our previous Barcelona to a weigh bridge - with only the essential equipment in it - motor mover, gas, battery, aquaroll, wastemaster, cutlery, pots and pans etc. No clothes and no food and certainly not an awning. The payload was 160kg and the van turned out to be 20kg over. It caused me to have a drastic re-think about what we carried and resulted in endless arguments about whether 6 weeks worth of clothes were really necessary for a week away! It was a major factor in deciding to change the van for the Knaus - which with a r
  6. I have a 2015 Touareg Escape - 263bhp which tows our 2000kg Knaus extremely well. Just to give you an idea - that long climb on the M5 heading south from Avonmouth - it goes up there at 60mph in 8th gear, almost as if the van wasn't on the back! I would recommend the Escape if you can find one - low ratio box, raised and stiffened suspension, underbody protection - makes it an ideal tow car that will get you out of anything. It was discontinued in 2016 and I suspect there aren't that many about.
  7. We'd had our previous Barcelona for about 4 years and whilst we loved it and had no real problems with it, recognised that the fixed bed was becoming a problem for my wife because she had difficulty getting in and out because of her knee replacement. Finding a van with reasonable singles therefore became a priority. Next on the list was a good sized bathroom, a light and airy 'feel' in the interior and a decent sized fridge and freezer. We did a lot of research, looked at loads of vans and all of them were a compromise on the bed size. We also definitely discounted middle bathroom versions
  8. On mine, there is a nut that tightens against the aquaroll cap, thereby allowing the ball valve to swivel. Once it's set in the correct position and the nut tightened, it always goes back to that position once the aquaroll cap is screwed on. Re removing the hose to use the tap to fill something else, I carry a 4-way tap splitter (and a roll of PTFE tape to stop leaks!) in my 'bits' box (about £16 on-line), thereby allowing me to use a normal hose connection on one of the other ports and, when on CLs etc that don't necessarily have dedicated service pitches, it also allows anyone else wh
  9. Just a thought because this happened to us with our very first Kampa awning - and was replaced by Kampa without hesitation, I have to add. Check that the inflation valve is screwed in properly - and also make sure that the dust cap is tight because it isn't just a dust cap and serves to double-seal the valve. There are instructions in the manual (available on-line, I assume) about how to tighten the inflation valve correctly. I know that on the odd occasion I have forgotten to attach the dust cap, our present one has lost some air over a day or two.
  10. Or alternatively, use Stardrops - no salt in that and as cheap as chips. I've used it on boats, cars and caravans for years and it removes black streaks very easily without degrading the polish. Not always easy to find although I note that eSpares have recently started to advertise it.
  11. Definitely prefer our Starclass!
  12. Although I agree with you re the Whale conversion - I have changed both my internal and external to Whale High Flows - but it can still happen with the Whale. That's why I keep one of OH's emery boards in my 'man drawer'!
  13. I have posted on here before about it - but having experienced the excellent customer service and claims handling from the CMC, last year, I wouldn't contemplate going anywhere else. It's OK getting hung about about how much the premium is but the acid test is when you are perhaps, vulnerable and need assistance - quickly. CMC were nothing short of outstanding in my experience and, for that, they will get my money, every year.
  14. KnausCol and I have been in conversation re this issue since I have the same 'problem'. We don't think it's a question of saving a few pounds since in his and my van, the 12v supply is connected to the power supply unit in the van. All that is missing are the two necessary wires from the fridge to the PSU. Therefore he/we are of the opinion that it is a deliberate move by Knaus, possibly to avoid issues of draining either the car or caravan battery. The video on You Tube from Sterling Power re the Wildside explains why. We are aware of Barnsdale Leisure - they are a lot closer to me tha
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