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  1. Perhaps "ripping off" was the wrong expression - but I am mindful of what happened when I experienced a blow-out on that boat trailer I was towing down the M5 a few years ago. The trailer was taken to a tyre depot in Weston - it took them a week to source a new wheel and tyre because they were unusual sizes and I was charged hundreds of pounds for what should have been about £60. But I had no option but to pay up - and they knew it. In response to Mr P - I don't think I said that spacesavers weren't good enough for Mayday. I just chose not to go down that route.
  2. Agree - the only criticism I have of Tyrepal is that daft 'bent' spanner that's supposed to slacken the locking nuts. It's useless and keeps slipping off, to the extent that I had to resort to using an 'ordinary' spanner that's even more awkward to use. In the end, although the locking nuts are there, they're only finger tight so no need for a spanner.
  3. If you read the small print in the Mayday cover (which we have), it not only specifies that a caravan must have a spare but also the car should have a 'serviceable spare wheel'. If not then Mayday ' will provide one at the owner's expense'. My car did not have a spare and there is only room in the boot for a space-saver because of the Adblue tank. My concern is not only the prospect of being ripped off by Mayday providing a spare wheel - but where on earth would you find one for a fairly obscure car such as a Touareg at 6pm on a Sunday evening?? For this reason, I took the step whic
  4. KnausCol and I have discussed this issue at length outside of this forum because, unbeknown to me, it turned out that Knaus (caravan manufacturer, not Col!) have taken the decision NOT to connect the fridge to the car electrics because of some of the problems raised above. That said, some of their reasoning is questionable. Whilst Col has had his re-connected, I'm not going to bother. Our usual routine is to have the fridge / freezer on at home for two or three days before we go away - and when we do, it's packed with food. Even after towing for 4 or 5 hours in the height of summer, we
  5. According to Tyrepal's website - no. As Steve indicates, the weight of a sensor is so small as to not make any difference. Some years ago, I was towing a small boat trailer down the M5, behind a Disco. Happily bumbling along at 60 mph when a car overtook me. The passenger was waving frantically and pointing at the trailer. Pulled onto the hard shoulder to see that not only had the tyre deflated but it had completely shredded and damaged the wheel. Such was the weight of the Disco as compared with the trailer and inflatable it was carrying that I hadn't got a clue and hadn't felt anyt
  6. I don't think taking deposits will necessarily change things - people will still fail to turn up even if they have paid one. Our next door neighbours wanted to go to a large commercial site, not that far away from where we live - for the first weekend after we were 'let out' this year. Deposits are required at this site. The website was showing that it was fully booked but they rang up and got a pitch. When they arrived, the site was only 25% occupied and it stayed that way all weekend.
  7. Just one observation re the E&P. I had it retro-fitted to our Knaus, last year. It's always been 'hit and miss' as to whether or not it will go into auto levelling mode - often having to have the hitch almost on the floor and still it wouldn't work - and yet other times it did. I noticed this on handover, and I queried this and was told ' it was an issue sometimes with large vans'. I know ALV at Tebay have had similar problems with Buccs for which they are dealers and also E&P authorised fitters. Ours is even worse because of the longer A-frame I queried this again (last week)
  8. Our local CMC centre - East Riding of Yorkshire - had an arrangement with Jewsons in Beverley for discounts for members. Last time I used the facility - 2 or 3 years ago, before I moved over to Safefill - I was paying something like £14 for a replacement 6kg propane. I wonder if any other Centres have such an arrangement?
  9. We go there quite often and I would recommend A1 (motorway standard) and then A59 to just past Skipton and then B6265 to the site. Harrogate is a bit of a pain re the traffic but nothing difficult. There is a narrow bit on the B road but visibility is good re oncoming traffic so quite easy to judge when to 'go for it'. If it helps, our van is 8m long and 8' wide.
  10. That's RAF Staxton Wold Steve. If you know '149' as we do (regular visitors to High Breame CL at Flamborough!) then Harper's is every bit as good if not better! Lot of hype about f&c in Whitby but not that good in our experience.
  11. Steve - living on the Yorkshire coast, we know the area well. If you’re into fish and chips - I can thoroughly recommend Harper’s on the A 64 just after the roundabout with A1039- south of Scarborough. (Look on Google maps). Well worth the trip from Whitby ( and a visit to Filey) and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. We are currently on a CS just outside Malton and went there on Tuesday for our ‘whale and chips’😀
  12. Is that to Swan Farm, Steve? - with the Hare and Hounds at the bottom of the drive
  13. I put a similar post on the CMC forum. We have been on our favourite CS, just outside Malton for the last two weeks and most of the time, we have been on our own. There have been five vans on here for a few days - but mainly at weekends. Our neighbours (at home) took their van to Burton Constable site, near Hull last weekend - a massive site with a lot of statics and tourers. They were told they had got a last minute cancellation but when they arrived it was only 25% occupied. It seems that the media hype about the "Glorious 12th" was just that - hype. Although having all this spa
  14. I bought the same version at the CMC National Rally at Sledmere (? 1999). Can't recalll how much it was because I traded in my previous steel poled version for the new one with aluminium poles (much lighter). Very stable, easy to erect on whatever ground and no guy ropes to trip over.
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