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  1. Avtex TVs are expensive for a reason! The viewing angle is excellent - a lot better than some of the cheaper brands. They are built to withstand the rigours of caravanning and the sound is a lot better than most - especially if mounted on a bracket against a wall or cupboard. Most of all, the picture is excellent and, of course, they have the 12v facility as well as 240v which I concede, others also have. I bought a 12v 'caravan TV' from Aldi some years ago for just over £100. It was rubbish! Kept dropping the signal on a site where we had previously had excellent reception on a TV borrowed from home and others on that site weren't having any problems whatsoever. Took it back and invested in an Avtex and haven't regretted it. It's not 'smart' but the latest ones are - but we use an Amazon Firestick and mifi and it works well for streaming such as Netflix etc.
  2. I know some people are quick to knock Baileys, but we had a U3 Barcelona for four years from new and were generally very pleased with it. There were a few minor issues that had to be sorted out - but the only real problems we had were poor quality foam in the seat bases (which I paid to have replaced with better quality foam but I understand Bailey now use sprung seat bases) - and a leaking shower tray (twice). The second time it cost me £500 to have a repair done since it was, by then, out of warranty. Why UK manufacturers don't do what Knaus do and have an upstand moulded into the shower tray to stop this happening, is beyond me - it's such a simple solution and much better than relying solely on a bead of silicone for a seal. I have to say that as much as we love the Knaus - and its build quality, there were some very good design features in the Bailey which we have compromised on with the present van.
  3. I've never had a problem with Kirby Stephen and that's towing an 8' wide van - we have stayed a couple of times at Pennine View Caravan Park (nice site) when we take the van into service at ALV.
  4. Whilst you will probably find somewhere to park in a service station, I'm amazed that you could find anywhere to park it in a 'public car park' - let alone leave it unattended there. If ever we stop, en route, at a service station, one of us always stays with the car/caravan. That said, I am inclined towards Towtug's interpretation.
  5. Yes Mr P - was aware of that but my point was that it is easy to think along the lines of 'if my tyre pressures are OK - then all's fine' and I fell into that trap of not actually checking tyre condition (especially since they were comparatively new) which you would have done if you were checking the pressure by other means.
  6. There is a slight danger in relying solely on TPMS to check your tyre pressures before setting off - or just after. With our last van - I never used to check the tyres - just relied on TPMS to let me know they were at the correct pressure - until one day, just before a 400 mile trip, I decided to just have a look at my tyres and check the pressure. Horror of horrors, I found that one of the four tyres had massive cracks in the sidewall after only three and a half years old. Never expected that sort of degradation in that space of time and had to get the tyre replaced very quickly. Learned a lesson the hard way and now I always, periodically physically check all the tyres - even though this van is only two years old.
  7. It was Ian Watson, 20 Church Green, Bridlington. They were very good to deal with and being virtually on our doorstep, it was an easy way for me to get the problem solved. We only kept the van for 3 and a half years, so I can't really comment on the longevity of the foam, but it was extremely good quality and totally different from the original. Just bear in mind, however, that it will be much heavier than the original.
  8. Just Google "stick on screw covers" and you will find loads. Trouble is - getting the colour / wood grain to match. I wanted a couple for our van and asked the dealer to see if they could get them from Knaus. Yes they could - £25 for a sheet of 10!!!! I didn't bother!
  9. I think you might be in for a shock if you take the anti-splash nozzles off your taps at home and see what's lurking in there!
  10. The Knaus has an awning strip around the wheel arch, so I had these made by Bags4Everything. (Apologies for the wrinkles but they had just come out of the bag when I took the photo!) One for each side of the van - to protect the offside tyres as well from sunlight when stored at home. The flap at the bottom can either be pegged down - or on the awning side - the carpet goes over it and keeps it in place with no draughts whatsoever - and totally dog-proof.
  11. Plus with the Whale version, you have the option to get the 'high flow' version which greatly increases pressure and volume of the output. I changed both internal and external pumps for high flows as soon as we got the van.
  12. A similar search for CSs in Yorkshire (the largest county!) also only revealed two.
  13. Probably correct - when I had my Harley, I used to ride with the Valhalla MC Club based in York. Harley jacket with tassles, leather jeans, black helmets, shades - all the gear. In our group was a retired senior police officer (me), barrister, doctor, and loads of other 'professionals' - but we must have looked threatening in a group of 30 or 40 Harleys. That said, we raised a shed load of money for such as the RNLI and other charities and every Christmas had a ride-out to take presents to kids in the local hospitals. Appearances can be deceptive
  14. Just be careful about damp getting into the bathroom floor. Our 2015 U3 Barcelona had a problem with the sealant around the shower tray cracking and even though I noticed it after only 2 days of use, the water getting through what were no more than pin pricks resulted in 40%+ damp readings on the floor. It cost me over £500 to get it repaired because the dealer had to remove all the bathroom fittings to get the floor covering up to allow it to dry out - and the only new materials used was a tube of silicone sealant.
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