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  1. Sorry, I don't understand that. Are you saying tie the shoe laces as a reef knot rather than as a granny knot? - which I have always been taught to do, and I don't [therefore?] generally have a problem with laces undoing.
  2. What was that? A petrol strimmer? Mine takes 76 L!
  3. IDK what these keys are like, but can't you just go to a locksmith and get some spare ones cut?
  4. I've never had anything like that happen. It must depend on how the browser is set up.
  5. What I typically see at the end of a YouTube video is some links to other videos from that author. This is within the video screen. If so I don't see the problem, I can click on one of those links if I want or move on to something else. I wonder if it it something else you are talking about? I am using Firefox, if that makes a difference. Here is a screenshot I have taken at the end of a video, Is that the end card? :- PS : In case of misunderstanding that guy is not a scammer. He exposes scams and teases scammers. He has been on BBC Panorama as such.
  6. I watch YouTube a lot, and I'm baffled. What is a YouTube end card?
  7. It has taken 3 weeks for a small parcel to get from the USA to my local sorting office. I have just paid (on-line) import duty on it and I'm told it will be delivered to me tomorrow.
  8. So why insure it at all? I don't insure mine. You are subsidising people with caravans at higher risk - that's the way insurance works. Insurance is a paradox. If insurers could and did work out the exact risk of each individual customer, there would be no point to insurance. That's because, for example, if they could exactly predict with a crystal ball that Buster Bloggs was going to make £10,000 of claims next year they could make his premium £10,000 plus costs and profit; OTOH if they knew that you and I would make no claim, they could charge us just £0 plus costs and profit. But then there would be no point in either Buster Bloggs or ourselves having insurance at all. So that is not what insurers do, or try to do, or would even want to do. Instead they predict (quite well) the average claim over a very large number of customers and then bias it to some extent according to individuals' previous records, area and the other standard risk factors. The bias however is no-where near the real range of risk, so the safe customers are subsidising a minority of risky customers. But I'm afraid I am not joining that game. Of course. But there is no-where near the incentive to steal my caravan as there is £200 million. If my van is stolen I will buy another or do without, depending how I felt or could afford at the time. It is not an essential.
  9. Don't bother with the diode arrangement, the point of which would only be to save one resistor (but would need two diodes and significantly more wiring instead ). Resistors are as cheap as chips. Get two of these : https://cpc.farnell.com/welwyn/wh25w10r/resistor-ww-25w-10r/dp/RE03424?st=500 ohm resistor 25w ... cost less than £2 each, and wire each one to be in parallel with a caravan indicator LED. That makes the indicators look to the car as if they are incandescent bulbs. Another downside of the diode idea is that you would need to carry a wire across the rear of the van. OTOH the fitting of individual resistors can be entirely local to each light fitting. Don't worry too much about the heat created - the designers of incandescent bulb indicators didn't. Just locate the resistors with air around them, not touching plastic. PS:I notice the address of my link includes the phrase "500 ohm" but it is in fact to a 10 ohm resistor. "10R" means 10 ohms.
  10. About twelve inches. There have been sightings of strangers in the area (it is fairly remote so there should not be during the lockdown) and an uprise in burglaries, mostly break-ins to sheds. So I have moved the van tight up against the side of the house where it is not visible from the road. There is nothing worth stealing from it, but that would not stop them trying.
  11. If they don't make a good profit it is not because of me, and probably not because of most people here. The money goes on accident-prone people and fraudsters, and I don't like subsidising them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Efj7aqYu4o I remember as a teen our next door neighbour telling my mother that they wanted a new lounge carpet so they dropped some hot coals on their old one and claimed the insurance. Thye were proud of it and seemed to think everyone did that sort of thing. We were shocked, so all my life I have only insured the things that are legally required (car) or I could not afford to replace or do without (house). I have saved £1000s on insurance (but not enough to buy a house ). I would not be so sure about that. Some of the largest companies act as their own insurance companies. At least in the days of London Transport as a single company, London buses were not insured. Trains in the UK are not insured. Power stations (at least of the of the larger companies) are not insured.
  12. I saw that idea in Practical Motorist mag years ago, and tried it. Works OK-ish if you go in forwards as the ball is in front of your face, but it is too far away to see accurately enough if you reverse in. The ball is an annoying nuiscance when the car is not in there and you are using the space to do something else (eg some woodwork I am doing today) You wouldn't last long in my garage. I do have a "plank" and it's not bolted down. It is a short piece of 4x2, only needs to cover one wheel. Immediately behind where the car stops is where I keep my coils of garden hose and they keep it in place.
  13. My Tescos has a one-way system in the aisles and the checkout spine, but you can go back (in fact either way) along the wider connecting spine at the rear of the shop. As the frozen aisle is quite early on their route, so the stuff can thaw, I go back to the frozen aisle last before the checkout as I would normally do. The rule here is one person per trolley, not one per household (how would they know anyway?). The point is to stop people coming along accompanied by a crowd of "spectators". In normal times, some people around here treat Tescos as a community family meeting place, and when two such crowds meet and greet entire aisles can be blocked for ten minutes. As your son is shopping for several it would be perfectly reasonable to take someone else along from his household to handle another trolley, which you seem to say would be possible.
  14. Exactly what they told me on the phone when I went to renew (for a car) the year after I had a minor shunt, the only claim I have made in 30 years. With protected NCD the % discount stays the same but the premium that it is discounted from goes up. The amount they raised mine by would have recovered their payout within two years. Unless it is a mega-claim (ie in five figures or more), the insurance company eventually claws back all the money they pay out to you, one way or another*. The only point to insurance that I can see (where it is not a legal requirement) is to cover for any mega damage that might be caused, which would bankrupt you if you were not insured. I don't insure my caravan : if it were a write-off or stolen I would buy another or do without one, depending how I felt or could afford at the time. It is not an essential. * That's if you don't shop around.
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