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  1. Thank you for your input, Will order some Gary
  2. Hello Would anyone be able to recommend or not recommend a make of motor movers for a lunar clubman caravan si with AL-KO chassis and shock absorbers. Many thanks Gary
  3. Thanks John not in the club tho
  4. Would anyone have a discount code for tyrepal? Many thanks Gary
  5. Hello we have a lunar clubman caravan with a big sunroof down the middle of the caravan, over last summer and winter the double skinned sunroof has filled up with flies. The only way I can see they have got in it through a few tiny holes in the double glazing. Other than trying to get them out with a Hoover has any one else got any ideas on how to get them out and what to do to stop them in the future?? Many thanks Gary
  6. Hello looking for a recommendation for a dog/child door guard for my lunar clubman as its only got a full door and not a stable door. Many thanks Gary
  7. I think that’s who I’m going to go with!
  8. Thank you for your replies It has a phantom tracker and alarm fitted. I think I will go for CRiS tagging kit I’ve got a AL-KO hitch lock and wheel lock
  9. Hello just joined and picking up a Lunar Clubman SI next week, I need to insure it so I’m looking for an insurance company recommendations and also extra security people can recommend. Mank thanks Gary
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