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  1. Only likely to be me, my husband and 3 young grandchildren, plus our suitcases, heavy-ish 9-pole windbreak, awning, awning carpet, folding table, chairs, surfboards and foodstuffs - and some of that would fit in the caravan I imagine. Another helpful answer. Thank you. That's what Volvo fitted though and it worked. However your suggestion above looks like a great and rather better idea. Cheaper than the mad springs it would appear. But Mad work out which springs for you.
  2. So moving stuff out of the caravan into the car isn't the answer then it would appear.
  3. Toyota were useless on this tbh. I rang them and spoke to Sales and to Service. No-one knew anything and they suggested I went online to look!!! I already had!!! They hadn't even heard of a nose weight but read out the car handbook info re MTPLM - which I had already said I had in front of me . Your mention of suspension adjustment has reminded me that back in the day when we were towing our Swift Corniche with a Volvo 720 diesel, Volvo put some blocks of wood into the suspension springs to make the rear suspension less 'soft'. So that sort of approach is perhaps something t
  4. That's really helpful Paul1957. Thank you. Amazing what simple language can achieve, bearing in mind my ageing brain cells! So would our best plan be to match the max caravan and car nose weights - ie: to load the caravan so that the downward weight is 55 kg to match the car's 55 kg? It sounded like you moved your spare wheel to make the front end heavier - yes? It seems that the towbar maximum weight is overruled by the car if the car's is a lower figure, and only becomes relevant if the car can take more weight but the towbar can't. Having said that, most towb
  5. Yes halifaxdan. As stated in my original posting, my car has a recommended max limit of 55kg
  6. Ah - sounds like this weight number for the caravan refers to the maximum weight of stuff I can safely load into the empty caravan. If that's correct, then if could keep the loaded items (gas, awning, luggage, food, etc) to no more than 55kg, could I legally tow a caravan with an MTPLM of up to 1300 kg with my 1300 kg towing capacity Toyota car?
  7. The doors of confusion in my brain are all now open! Thanks for all the various replies, particularly the ones that brought the thread back on topic! Somebody mentioned that caravans, as such, don't have a noseweight - yet due our 'useless' towcar (!) I have now been looking at other options - the lightweight 900 kg Freedom vans for one. Their 2020 brochure states that all of their caravans have a maximum noseweight of 70 kg. So this manufacturer appears to have assigned a noseweight to their caravans. Or am I misunderstanding what this means? Does this number refer to the
  8. Many years ago, my husband and I used to tow a Swift Corniche 4-berth, then we moved to a larger but lighter American pop-up trailer, so we are not new to towing. However we always had a powerful diesel car and so were never particularly worried about towing weights, MTPLM etc, etc and we found towing to be easy and smooth. Now we're getting on a bit, and many years later, we're thinking about going back to a caravanning, but our tow car is now a Toyota Verso 1.8 V-Matic petrol model which works just fine with the pop up trailer....but with a caravan?! We don't know. So we have
  9. Thanks to everyone for their helpful suggestions. Turned out to be corroded connections! Works like a dream now 👍
  10. I tried to choose the Motor Mover forum but that choice was greyed out so I have placed this here. My son has a Bailey Ranger 440/4, bought second hand. It has a motor mover. He was warned by the seller that the battery would need recharging before the MM would work. We felt the battery was too small to run a MM anyway, but he fully charged the battery and sure enough, nothing happened. Our first thoughts were that the MM was broken, but when my husband connected it via jump leads to his car battery with the car motor running, the MM worked just fine! Enco
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