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  1. This should help you... Thetford Toilet pump and fuse link
  2. 2011 twin axles all have 165 R 13 C LI 91 fitted
  3. This any use? Click... Or maybe this? Click
  4. The 2010 575 VIP is 6.7 metres in length and on a single axle Only 2 twin axle Hobby caravans are legal to tow in the UK with a non 3.5 tonne vehicle 2011 610 UL You need to tread carefully when looking at the 610 UL as the Prestige model comes in at a legal 6.920metres but the 610 UL Premium comes in at an illegal 7.268metres The only other I am aware of is the new 620 CL which is 6.845metres
  5. As long as you're a visitor to the UK with an address outside the UK you're allowed to visit with a 7m + caravan
  6. There are only a couple of twin axle Hobby caravans that can legally be towed with a standard car/4x4/Transit size van . The most recent is the 620CL and then ***ONE*** of the the 2011 610UL Just to confuse things further Hobby decided to produce two different length 610UL vans in 2011 and they are both different lengths (see my picture above) One which is 6920 and legal the other is 7266 which requires a vehicle over 3500 to pull it therefore... Caveat Emptor
  7. 2011, Check the VIN number for the year code. If the VIN number has FB in the middle of the number it is 2011 and if it has FB in the middle of the VIN it is 2012 Really easy to measure as the integrated gas locker has to be included in the total body measurement. Spirit level from the furthermost rear (this includes any fairing and lights) mark on the ground and the furthermost front including the gas locker mark on the ground. Measure the distance between the two marks... Sorted
  8. The body length of the 645 VIP is 7355, length including A frame is 8530, floor length 6762
  9. A British Cycling membership covers the cyclist in the event of any incident or accident... British Cycling link
  10. You will need to have the Autark pack fitted to enable full function of the battery into the main system.
  11. The problem comes when something goes wrong whilst towing. If you insure the caravan the insurance company will void any claim because it wasn't being towed legally, your car insurance would also be void and the police would be looking to dish out fine and points for driving illegally. If any third [arty was involved in any incident they would be looking to be compensated for any losses... It can all get very messy There is a certain Hobby vendor out there who I have spoken to and messaged on two separate occasions regarding pulling a 640 and a 650 with my XC90 and on both occasions was told "Yes you can tow it" what he didn't say was it was illegal to do so. Caveat Emptor... From what I know there was an early 2000s UK model 610 that crept under the 7m rule, there is also a recent UK model 620 that is under the 7m. I suggest if you are looking for a twin axle then take a tape measure with you and take the measurement from the furthermost rear to the front of the gas locker. Next largest which is well within the legal length is the 575VIP which was only produced for one year and on a single axle At the end of the day it's your call whether you want to drive illegally, plenty do and get away with it, but it doesn't take much for things to go wrong and turn your life upside down. I'll stay legal with my XC90 and 575
  12. F4 in the VIN is the year code therefore this is a 2004 built caravan The VIN plate is aluminium and machine engraved. See mine below 1900kg is the total maximum weight loaded 950kg is the total weight on each axle Not all Hobby owners register their caravans, less so with the CRiS. If you call Sam Hindle at Hobby GBI on 01772 737273 Mon- Fri 9-5 with the VIN number he will check if it is reported stolen Hobby year codes below
  13. The hydrogen gas produced when charging a battery is lighter than air. The battery box should be sealed to prevent any gas escaping I would advise you change the battery clamps for original style ones with bolts as these ones have been known to fail Smart chargers aren't really that smart, it's one of these names that the industry seems to have adopted for an item that doesn't live up to the name. If left on constantly it will eventually kill the battery
  14. It's possible it has never had power to the socket
  15. I could be wrong but I think the 'Excellent' models were all single axle
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