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  1. Remove the top black parts from the hob and clean the rust off the underneath with some wire wool
  2. I had a similar problem My waste pipe is right next to (as in almost obstructing) the bracket holes so I had to fit the brackets differently on both sides of the caravan...
  3. JayTea

    New bike price

    Mine was rolled into the middle of a field and landed on its roof when a woman cut across me on a narrow road, I put it back on the wheels drove it home. I spoke to my insurance company who told me to speak to the farmer who's field I had landed in as he would also have to claim for damage, so I drove it back to the accident scene and home again. It was then stripped and scrapped and I bought an HB Viva
  4. JayTea

    New bike price

    My second car and the one I passed my test in was an HA Viva which cost me the princely sum of £25
  5. JayTea

    New bike price

    I was 13 before I could afford a bike saving my milk round wages to pay for the purchase as our family were too poor to be able to afford bikes when we were young, It was bought second hand out 'The Barras' in Glasgow for £4/10/- and new tyres and inner tubes took the remaining 10/- of my savings. It took me another 15 years before I managed to buy a brand new bike which was purchased from my local Halfords for around £160. By this time indexed gears were just appearing on the scene so I upgraded to the latest 2x7 speed Shimano 1051 SIS system and Mavic MA2 rims which were hand built. The bike is steel framed and heavy, but very smooth to ride although I struggle on the hills nowadays with it's 42T-21 lowest gear.
  6. Thanks Colin, a very dark environment with a powerful LED torch does work although it’s a bit of a pain having to go through this procedure just to find out how much gas is left
  7. Worked last night for me but not working now... sorry
  8. Should be this one. Please check dimensions before ordering... Click
  9. I had 2x7 pin plugs on my caravan and I converted it to 1x13 pin Rather than have a 13 pin plug I fitted a 13 pin socket to the front of the caravan and use a 13 pin coiled susie to connect the car & caravan together. Absolutely no chance of it trailing on the ground
  10. I bought the new Safefill 10kg a few weeks ago and put 15 litres in as instructed. Brought it home and in very bright sunlight I could see the level, however when away with the caravan I tried to see how much gas was still available on a not so bright day and no matter what angle I looked at it in sunshine or shade and with a bright torch I couldn't see diddly squat
  11. You need a right hand cassette... This... Click
  12. Should be a Thetford 403L but best speak to a retailer as they do a left and right version and I'm not sure which version it is EDIT, had a search online and it says the following...
  13. My 575 never had any external 12v connection to allow me to fill the onboard tank with a pump so I fitted one myself. You can read about it here... Click
  14. Unfortunately your 575 VIP isn’t a 2011 caravan but it is a 2010 caravan, they were only made for the 2010 year. The chassis number will have FA in it and this denotes it is a 2010 model. When it comes to the length the model number is nothing to do with the length, there are several lengths for the same model numbers on the same year. The shipping length of the 575 VIP is 7800mm, the body length is 6622mm which includes the front locker and the caravan without the front locker is 6029mm
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