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  1. There are very few that actually heat when switched on. Easy way to check if you actually have it fitted is to open the lights control unit in the wardrobe (care required as 240v mains electricity in there) (best unplug the EHU) and see if there is a connection on the terminals as in the picture below, I have turned the first picture round as this is the orientation of the control box in my van
  2. Not sure if you typed 62H as a typo as 62H tyres are for motorbikes with a maximum load rating of 265kgs 82H tyres are rated at 475kgs giving a maximum axle load rating of 950kgs times 2 therefore a total load of 1900kgs 82H is the most common rating but if you want a little more then 86H (530kgs) are available giving a total load of 2120kgs
  3. Yes as WispMan said, Towcar Info https://towcar.info/
  4. A thin blade or small screwdriver and prize it out
  5. If you fit a steel wheel you need to fit different bolts Original alloy wheel bolt on right, steel wheel bolt to left is slightly shorter and has a different shoulder profile to fit the wheel
  6. Pin 1. Orange... (Reversing lights) Pin 2. Purple... (12V ignition) Pin 3. Blue... (Earth) Pin 4. Black (12V permanent live) Pin 5. - (Blank) Pin 6. Brown... (Fridge) Pin 7. - (Blank)
  7. The transformers in these Hobby caravans are prone to failing and expensive to replace Try contacting THIS COMPANY for a possible repair...
  8. The car isn't heavy enough for a 575VIP
  9. Maybe should have the extra cushion then which should be stored under the front seating area
  10. Without a picture it's difficult to assist you. Not sure if this is the same as your interior, this is from MY 2005
  11. By comparison I pull my 575 with an XC90 and below is my Towcar info
  12. Edited to 575 weight and you’d be right on the limit, I don’t think it would be much fun and would recommend a heavier tow car
  13. I would say no, the caravan is too heavy for the car and would be unstable.
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